Best AMP email examples that drive conversion in 20 industries
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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Best AMP email examples that drive conversion in 20 industries

Published : March 6, 2023

AMP emails are helping global brands achieve amazing outcomes. Several industries have leveraged these interactive emails to rapidly engage and retain users on their websites and apps.

Using AMP you can create rich, engaging experiences for users right inside emails. Users can complete every interaction without getting redirected to external websites. By eliminating additional steps and website redirects, you will experience a significant reduction in drop-offs and lead leakages.

From creating simple forms to attractive galleries to exciting games, and everything in between—AMP emails can do it all!

To help you leverage AMP emails better, we did extensive research and found the best emails suitable for the following 20 industries. Here is your chance to use them to boost your brand’s interactions, engagement, and ROI.


Key highlights from the blog post

  • 12 unique AMP emails
  • Innovative ideas to engage customers
  • Banking
  • 5 brilliant AMP emails for everyday banking
  • Transform user interactions
  • Foodtech
  • 10 AMP emails to drive conversion
  • Consolidate every user action inside AMP email
  • Edtech
  • 9 AMP emails to differentiate learner experience
  • Enhance the user experience
  • Job Portals
  • 10 AMP emails to communicate better
  • Enable complete interaction for job seekers
  • Fashion
  • 10 AMP emails to enhance marketing campaigns
  • Website-like/app-like experience for users
  • Media and Publishing
  • 8 AMP emails to increase the ROI
  • Frictionless experience for users
  • Insurance
  • 10 AMP emails to better communicate with users
  • Simplify information access
  • Travel and Hotel
  • 12 AMP emails to drive conversion
  • Direct, instant communication with customers
  • Neo Banking
  • 12 game-changing AMP emails to transform marketing
  • Customer-oriented solutions
  • Dating
  • 8 AMP emails to get more sign-ups
  • Retention via gamified and personalized experience
  • Beauty and Self-care
  • 12 AMP emails to increase conversion
  • Ease customer experience with assistive features
  • Healthcare
  • 9 AMP emails to transform messaging to users
  • Interactive elements to save time and effort for users
  • Real Estate
  • 7 AMP emails that drive more customers
  • Simplified customer interactions
  • Logistics
  • 8 powerful AMP emails to boost conversion
  • Offer mini-website experience inside emails
  • Fantasy Sports
  • 8 reasons to use AMP emails for marketing
  • Engage more users with dynamic, gamified emails
  • Deals and Coupons
  • 11 impressive AMP emails to engage more customers
  • Build excitement with interactive elements
  • Home and Garden
  • 10 AMP emails to deliver personalized experiences
  • Engagement with attractive visuals and custom        recommendations
  • Stock Trading
  • 10 AMP emails to boost customer acquisition and retention
  • Enhance services with innovative elements
  • OTT
  • 8 fabulous AMP emails to amp up customer experiences
  • Highlight and showcase services better
  • 50+ top-notch brands, such as YourStory, Axis Securities, CaratLane, and 99 Group, across industries, partner with the Netcore Cloud AI-powered email platform to roll out AMP emails and boost their ROI. We have sent more than a billion AMP emails across 200+ highly successful campaigns. Our AMP email wizards consult to achieve your specific KPIs and email marketing goals.

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    Success Stories

    Multiple brands have increased their ROI with AMP emails from Netcore Cloud. To transform the results of your campaigns, fuel your marketing strategy with AMP emails.

    Here are a few success stories of brands that have leveraged AMP emails from Netcore and achieved remarkable results.

    YourStory turns around its email marketing and increases conversions by a whopping 5.5X

    YourStory’s marketing team leveraged the power of AMP emails with Netcore Cloud to skyrocket their event registration numbers: here is the link to the whole story.

    Axis Securities increases its open rate by 27% and click rate by 24%

    Axis Securities dynamically utilized the unique capabilities of AMP to engage with email recipients, based on suggestions from the Netcore Cloud team. Learn how their customer engagement rates shot up: here is the link to the complete story.

    CaratLane increases CTOR by 300% for the launch of their new product, “Borla”

    CaratLane partnered with Netcore Cloud to incorporate interactive AMP emails for their new product launch. Learn how this approach boosted their conversions and ROI: here is the link to the entire story.

    99 Group achieves a 5X lead generation and 30% higher conversion

    99 Group partnered with Netcore Cloud and utilized interactive AMP emails to reduce the time taken by customers to submit queries. Learn how this uplifted their lead generation and conversion: here is the link to the entire story.

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