8 AMP emails that boost sign-ups & retention for dating sites/apps
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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8 AMP emails that boost sign-ups & retention for dating sites/apps

Published : November 18, 2022 | Updated : May 23, 2024

By now, the popularity of online dating is beyond question. In 2021, the number of dating app users stood at 323.9 million, and the number keeps rising. However, the month-to-month churn rate in online dating can be a concern for stakeholders, given that it can be as high as 10 to 12%. Additionally, the new user acquisition cost ends up being 3 to 6 times more than the retention cost of existing ones.

Therefore, it makes sense to focus on retaining current users than acquiring new ones. But what is the best way to achieve both goals, especially with one strategy?

The answer: AMP emails.

Your email campaigns for dating apps must match the flavor of the industry and product itself:  cool, casual, fun, and breezy. AMP emails are perfect for this – you can make them as visually appealing and interactive as websites or apps. In fact, with AMP email it’s like putting a mini website or app right into your marketing email.

More importantly, AMP allows customers to complete all their interactions and transactions right inside their emails. You can eliminate redirects to an external page, reduce drop-offs, minimize lead leakage, and enhance conversions.

This article shows eight proven ways AMP emails can make messaging from dating apps stand out and attract user attention. Use the AMP components mentioned below to create short, personalized, and user-centric experiences that drive engagement, maximize conversion, and increase your ROI.

How AMP emails can enrich user engagement for online dating apps?

Gamify to encourage sign-ups and initial interactions

Use the amp-bind component to create gamified steps a new user can take. For example, users can virtually “spin the wheel” to get a discount on a paid plan (or free access) when they sign up. 

The amp-autocomplete component creates autofill text fields and search bars to help users quickly enter the necessary details for sign-up right within emails: no redirects to websites are required. 

The amp-bind and amp-img be combined to create virtual doors for users to create the “what’s behind the door?” game. New users can play the game to match with another user for their first conversation.

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Gather user preferences for more compatible matches

Collect data from users on their preferences and the kind of matches they want right inside your marketing email. Insert interactive forms with the amp-form component  that collects data from users within the inbox.    

You can use amp-selector to help build drop-downs for gathering one-click inputs from users. 

Create interactive surveys to determine what a particular user is looking for in their potential matches – age range, hobbies, interests, location, gender, ideal first date, etc.

This data is integral to match users more intelligently for maximum compatibility. Based on this data, tweak your algorithm-led user experiences. This will get you better engagement.

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Inform users about new members they might be interested in

Have you noticed that many of your users tend to drop off simply because they believe the matches they found are inadequate? Keep sending them interactive emails with new, more current, matches. 

Use the amp-anim component to share new profiles of individuals who just joined. Share multiple images for a single profile as an auto-playing carousel and minimize the screen space required while conveying all the information.

There’s also the amp-img component, which you can use to display quick loading and high-quality images of popular profiles based on their preferences.

Make your email content dynamic. Ensure lists such as potential matches, are automatically updated with live data from the backend. As more new users join, the list in the same email will change dynamically to reflect more recent profiles. That’s the dynamic potential of the amp-lists component.

Offer free trials of paid plans to increase upselling

Multiple AMP components, such as amp-img and amp-accordion can effectively display and detail the benefits of the paid plan right inside your email Insert appropriate images to showcase additional features, and use the accordion format to provide detailed text without using much screen space. The amp-selector and amp-form components make it quick and easy for users that wish to switch to a paid plan.

It lets users select their plan and complete the purchase right there without having to navigate to an external web page.

Personalize email content to match user preferences

Once you’ve collected data on user preferences, you can use AMP components to personalize emails and deliver a tailored experience. Segmented email campaigns are proven to increase  revenues more than generic broadcast campaigns.

Use amp-mustache to add users’ first names to emails, even as part of a bulk marketing exercise. Then there’s amp-bind, perfect for inserting dynamic, eye-catching elements like games, scratch cards, puzzles, wordle, and spin-the-wheel. Use them to entice users into viewing compatible profiles or signing up for events (in-person or virtual).


Display user testimonials for social proof

Social proof and the fear of missing out (FOMO) phenomenon create powerful psychological nudges to influence user behavior. Use in-email forms to request testimonials from users who matched, met, and ended up dating someone from your site or app. You can display these testimonials within your marketing emails as social proof, assuring users of your service’s popularity.

If testimonials are too long, use the amp-sidebar, amp-accordion, and amp-fit-text components to improve readability. These components, either as standalone or in combination, ensure the text doesn’t come across as overwhelming.

Announce upcoming events with maximum impact

To drive engagement and match users, dating sites and apps can organize events like a singles’ night in specific cities or an “online concert” where folks can pair off on a virtual “blind” date. To create a high visual impact, use amp-image-lightbox that highlights the hero image of your event and brings it to the center of the screen.

Insert dynamic content with the amp-timeago component. It updates the email content automatically: for example, the number of days till an event date gets refreshed every time the user opens their email.  Let people register for events right within emails – with the amp-selector component.

Deliver unique tips and ideas to help users succeed

On top of just providing interesting matches, you can deliver helpful information for potential daters – ideas for first dates, witty conversation icebreakers, gift ideas for special days, etc.

Add images or GIFs of your recommendations with the amp-img and amp-anim components. Use amp-accordion or amp-sidebar to include more information using less email space. Don’t forget to use amp-mustache to display personalized content based on user preferences data.


Nothing can beat AMP emails to empower online dating sites and apps to send more interesting, engaging, and memorable customer-facing emails. When used intelligently, AMP emails can encourage users to engage, purchase, and get the best out of your site or app. They can also lower drop-offs, improve conversions, and lead to increased ROI. 

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Written By: Puneet Mahajan
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