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Your Launchpad with $15,000 in

  • Campaign automation across 10+ channels with journey orchestration
  • Actionable behaviour analytics with segmentation
  • Real-time A/B testing for campaign optimization
  • Library of ready-to-use templates for all channels
  • Integrate with platforms like Shopify, Segment & more


Accelerate growth with advanced automation for your marketing campaigns

  • Tailor website and app experiences for individual users
  • Boost push notification and email delivery with Netcore's Smartpush
  • Engage users at their preferred time with personalized content
  • User path analysis & automated RFM segmentation
  • Use social channels like Facebook and Google Audience


Unlock full potential with predictive analytics and AI optimization

  • Predict each user behaviour right from purchase to uninstall
  • App churn prediction with retention campaign strategies
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Campaign accuracy with maker-checker capabilities
  • Automated triggers like "back-in-stock" and "price drop" alerts

Global scale that you can count on

50 Bn


35 Bn


30 Bn


200 Mn


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  • Analytics & Insights
    Customer Behaviour & Event Analytics
    Home Dashboard
    Conversion Funnels
    Retention Cohorts
    Engagement Dashboards
    Revenue Dashboard
    User PathAdd-onAdd-on
  • Engagement & Channels
    Interactive Email Editor (AMP)
    App Push Notifications
    Smart Push - Local Push & Delivery Expertise
    Web Push Notifications
    Web Messages
    In-app Messages
    Facebook & Instagram Customer Audience
    Google Customer Match
    Content PersonalizationAdd-on
    Mobile App Inbox
    OmniRec - Recommendation on Channels with AIAdd-on
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
    Journey Orchestration
    System Control Groups
    Campaign A/B Testing
    Frequency Capping (Message Control)
    Merchandising Triggers
    Behaviour Based Segmentation
  • RAMAN - AI Engine
    Content Generation & OptimizationAdd-on
    Send Time Optimization
    Churn PredictionAdd-on
    Predictive SegmentsAdd-onAdd-on
    Preferred ChannelAdd-on
    Raman InsightsAdd-on
    Affinity PredictionAdd-onAdd-on
    CLTV PredictionAdd-onAdd-on
  • Customer Success
    Guided OnboardingAdd-on
    Customer Support over Chat
    Dedicated SPOC
    Customer Success Managers
    info icon Paid
    info icon Paid
    Engagement Manager
    info icon Paid
    info icon Paid
    Email & Notification Delivery ExpertAdd-onAdd-on
  • Data & User Access Management
    SFTP uploads and API uploads
    Geo Fencing
    Role Based Access Management
    Maker Checker Module
    Two Factor Authentication
    Restricted IP Addresses
    Event Data ExportAdd-on
    Additional Attribute Storage
    Localized IDC
    info icon Paid
    info icon Paid
    Data Retention Policy12 monthsCustomCustom

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