Mastering AMP emails: 16 AMP components that can transform your email marketing results
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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Mastering AMP emails: 16 AMP components that can transform your email marketing results

Published : December 16, 2022

AMP emails function as a website or an app with the help of 16 powerful components. Combined or as standalone, the AMP components bring dynamic and interactive features inside emails.

AMP email components are broadly categorized as media, dynamic, layout, and presentation types based on their functions.

Here are 16 blog posts on each AMP component to help you understand its functions and benefits. You can leverage any one or more of these components to drive engagement and boost the ROI of your next email marketing campaign.

16 Components – AMP for email

Key function inside emails
adds animated images
builds search bars, autofills text fields
allows games, custom interactivity
creates interactive forms
displays high-res, fast-loading images
adjusts content according to user-device
fetches and displays data in real-time
renders templates, personalizes content
enhances selections with dropdowns, radio buttons
inserts expandable/collapsible sections
brings swipeable image/content galleries
highlights images, blurs the background
puts a spotlight on the selected content
places navigational content under a hamburger icon
fits text in limited space
shows dynamic countdown timers

50+ top-notch brands, such as YourStory, Axis Securities, CaratLane, and 99 Group, across industries, partner with the Netcore Cloud AI-powered email platform to roll out AMP emails and boost their ROI. We have sent more than a billion AMP emails across 200+ highly successful campaigns. Our AMP email wizards consult to achieve your specific KPIs and email marketing goals.

Netcore Cloud makes creating AMP emails easy. You can even design custom use cases on your own using the Netcore no-code drag-and-drop editor in just three clicks.

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Success Stories

Multiple brands have increased their ROI with AMP emails from Netcore Cloud. To transform the results of your campaigns, fuel your marketing strategy with AMP emails.

Here are a few success stories of brands that have leveraged AMP emails from Netcore Cloud and achieved remarkable results.

YourStory turns around its email marketing and increases conversions by a whopping 5.5X

YourStory’s marketing team leveraged the power of AMP with Netcore Cloud to skyrocket their event registration numbers with AMP emails; here’s the link to the whole story.

Axis Securities increases its open rate by 27% and click rate by 24%

Axis utilized the unique capabilities of AMP to engage with their email recipients dynamically based on suggestions from the Netcore Cloud team. Learn how the customer engagement rates shot up; here is the link to the complete story.

CaratLane increases CTOR by 300% for the launch of their new product “Borla”

CaratLane partnered with Netcore Cloud to incorporate interactive AMP emails for their new product launch. Learn how this approach boosted their conversions and ROI; here is the link to the entire story.

99 Group achieves a 5X lead generation and 30% higher conversion

99 Group partnered with Netcore Cloud and utilized interactive AMP emails to reduce the time taken by customers to submit queries. Learn how this uplifted their lead generation and conversion; here is the link to the entire story.

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Written By: Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen
Assistant Manager - Content Strategist