10 must-have AMP emails that are transforming email marketing in the insurance industry
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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10 must-have AMP emails that are transforming email marketing in the insurance industry

Published : October 7, 2022

The need to disseminate information and documentation is perhaps the highest in the insurance industry. AMP emails act as a mini website or an app, simplify information access, and make customer interaction quicker and easier. Users can engage and convert within AMP emails.This lowers the drop-offs that occur with redirects to landing pages, external forms, etc.

Here are a few things that customers and brands can do within emails using AMP:

Pick the right insurance plan

Customers can read product details, compare quotes, search for answers, and choose plans with the help of amp-image, amp- selector, amp-autocomplete, and amp-carousel components.  AMP emails also feature full-fledged calculators with amp-bind so that customers can calculate installments, final payouts, and more.

Verify emails and inquiries

Verify the customer’s email identity when buying an insurance plan in the email itself, by using amp-form, amp-autocomplete, amp-selector. Users can also inquire about their eligibility criteria and get solutions from a chatbot within the inbox.

Buy insurance on the go

Insert dropdown menus and search bars right within the email with amp-selector, amp-accordion, and amp-bind component. Users can select plans, read details, and make hassle-free payments within the email. Amp components also let users modify their insurance coverage, plan payments, and explore deductibles and limits.

Track plans to stay informed about expiry/maturity

Emails can also show renewal prompts through countdown timers and amp-timeago, etc. The amp-mustache component helps make dynamic announcements regarding plan expiry/maturity and alert users with live tracking and updates of their chosen insurance plans.

Advertise related products

Display links to other related policy plans and insurance packages on the side layout of the mail with the amp-sidebar component. Encouraging the user to click and explore more. It can show an overview/short intro on relevant products that would be of interest.

Submit claims quickly and easily

Facilitate customers to submit all information required to process insurance claims, with amp-form and amp-selector components. AMP components eliminate the need to make calls, personal visits, etc., and enable quick completion of all tasks within emails.

Enable easy policy management

Assist users in self-updating their policies as per their needs with amp-form and amp-selector components.They can also enable updates and customization to the existing plans or help choose and make new additions.

Assist customers with a help desk

amp-form and amp-autocomplete components can allow insurance companies to extend a 24/7 interactive help desk within emails. This saves customers’ time and effort in getting their queries solved without being redirected to conventional channels.

Collect feedback in a few clicks

Collect instant feedback and suggestions from the users via forms, checkboxes, and radio buttons with amp-form and amp-selector components.These can also present star ratings and text-input reviews that customers can submit from their emails in minutes.

Create a preference center

With the help of the amp-bind and amp-mustache components, users can customize the kind of communication they would want to receive. These components can create a preference center within emails for users to choose the type, timing, and frequency of messaging they wish to receive.


With their versatility to handle the entire spectrum of customer interactions such as presentation, suggestion, search, auto-completion, calculation, and more within the inbox, AMP emails are game changers in insurance marketing. They transform how insurance brands communicate with the leads, AMP emails boost conversions and drive the ROI.

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Written By: Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan
Senior Product Specialist