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Marketing analytics and reports to fuel
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Meaningful and actionable insights
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A unified view of
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No code, no struggle with presentations
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Visualize complex data to generate actionable insights that matter
Home dashboard
Get an overall insight into what's going on with your marketing strategy, aligned to the KPIs you want to track. Get a live view of your active app users, conversion events across all your channels, etc. Set goals, track them, act upon the real-time insights, and scale marketing ROI
01 home dashboard
02 behavioural dashboards
Behavioral dashboard
Track key metrics like MAU, the average session count for different user types, across platforms, user segments, or for a specific app version you want - with a single click. Understand granular user behaviour for specific events - like the most popular genre, most purchased products, etc. visually
Revenue dashboard
Track the metrics that matter most to you - ARPPU, AOV, paying users, total transactions, etc. in one place. Analyze each channel's performance, spot pain-points, and take data-backed actions aligned to your KPIs
03 revenue dashboard e1612543462124
04 raman dashboard
Raman insights dashboard
The Raman Insights dashboard gives you all the AI-led insights you need into overall revenue, ARPPU, DAU, MAU, etc. for the conversion activity you want to track. Raman also tells you the "why" behind each insight
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Mapan Success Story
Alfacart Client
Meru Client
Mapan has been able to boost the delivery rate of push notifications to over 70%.
Astari Rosmalina
Head of Digital Marketing & Creative
Mapan Success Story
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Netcore has helped improve our app push notification delivery rates by over 28% using their Smart Push technology.
Wawan Sunarwan
Head of Marketing & Content
Alfacart Client
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Achieved conversion rate of 9.7% with Smartech’s app engagement suite
akupintar 2
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Last click sale attribution doubled through multichannel automation
Vaibhav Kumar
VP- Ecommerce & Digital Marketing
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We implemented a multichannel UX survey after churn and received 1500+ responses
Tushar Padalkar
AVP - Marketing
Meru Client
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We implemented a multichannel UX survey after churn and received 1500+ responses
easemytrip testimonial
Vikash Goyal
Head of Marketing
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