Feature Flags

Feature release & rollback
are just one click away now!

Experiment and deliver user-preferred experiences on the move, without deploy cycles

Release new features
in just a click
Rollout segment-specific
features easily
Test features in production
without engineering effort
Experiment. Measure.
Improve. Repeat.
Up your feature game with an extensive steer control
Release features in just a click
Say bye to long code deployment cycles, release new features in just a button click.
Roll out segment-specific features
No more one-size-fits-all release pattern. Roll out features to specific segment of users only. Assess the performance, fix the bugs, improve features on the move without any code deploys
Test features in production without engineering effort
Test user preferences and feature robustness on production, with no-code test devices, for the most important feedback. Experiment, measure impact & improve with real-time results
Kill the feature with just a switch
Do not worry anymore about the code rollbacks for a feature you no longer want to display. With just a switch, kill the feature and deliver a more relevant experience
Test features the platform-agnostic way
Deliver customer-centric experiences with Netcore. Roll out features and test them across platforms such as Android/iOS/Web; backend servers such as Node JS/ Java etc
Integrate with analytics platform of choice
Prevent data spread across multiple platforms and cut costs. By integrating with the analytics provider of your choice, derive the most from your user experiments and deliver insight-driven experiences
Unlock unmatched customer experiences, get started now
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