Build a customer-focussed product
with real-time feedback

Nudge users to give a high app rating with real-time feedback. Understand user pulse at key moments to keep users delighted. Ensure app ratings stay high with timely feedback.
Dynamic feedback, real-time
Contextual feedback from
right users
Reduce churn by
addressing user inputs

Know the user pulse at the right time and act!

Nudge users toward a
high app rating

The best time to ask users to rate an app is after they receive that variable emotional reward. In other words, the best time to ask is when they're delighted!

Get right to the source
with open text feedback

Getting qualitative feedback from users can often be a laborious process. Deploy open text feedback nudge at different moments in the user journey to contextualize the feedback

Inform your merchandise buys
or product roadmap

If purely qualitative feedback is too open-ended, give users a few choices when asking for feedback. For instance, ask users who have come to an e-commerce shop through a marketing sale campaign on what they like about the most recent lookbook

Reduce churn by finding
friction points via NPS surveys

One way to glean actionable insight from NPS scores is to ground and contextualize them into a fixed variable, like user cohorts

Address low NPS score users by triggering delight

Unfortunately, some users will have a bad experience on an app, whether “warranted” or not. And that's ok! Address low NPS scorers who had a bad experience by triggering an open text feedback nudge or by giving them a discount via a message nudge

Get instant feedback on support

Avoid using the same NPS surveys across the entirety of the customer interactions and deploy a simple yes/no survey instead

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