10 AMP emails for stock trading platforms to boost customer acquisition and retention
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Jasmine Handa

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10 AMP emails for stock trading platforms to boost customer acquisition and retention

Published : December 1, 2022

The stock trading app market is estimated to be worth USD 89.8 billion by 2032, showing a compounded annual growth rate of 20.8% from 2022. As people get more involved in the digital, investing in stocks, bonds, funds, etc., have also become predominantly online.

Websites and apps may make investing easier, but getting customers to sign up remains difficult. And once they are in, users need to be nurtured, assisted and retained, especially a user new to investing.

Your email marketing strategy should set goals to meet the three expectations of customers – safer, faster and easier investing. Here’s some good news for you: AMP emails are a proven way to convince a customer that your website or app meets those goals. 

Thanks to the interactive and dynamic nature of AMP emails, there are endless ways in which you can help customers, encourage them to invest, and get more out of your website or app. This article discusses a few proven methods to get customers interested and engaged, and trade through you. You’ll also find that AMP emails inevitably result in higher ROI and happier clients.

Onboard new users with the information they need

When new users register, they need preliminary information on how to get started with your website or app. Even if they are seasoned investors, they would still need details on how your website or app works and what they offer.

Use amp-img and amp-anim to present a catchy welcome image with unique visuals. The amp-accordion component is perfect for adding all the information new users need, but in a clickable menu, so users can avoid getting slammed with a wall of text.

Embed a picture gallery with an amp-carousel where customers can swipe through different images. In the images, showcase various trading features and how they can help users. 

For beginners, add a header in your AMP email saying, “Are you new to trading/investing?”. Once they click on the header, it can expand to explain basic concepts and requirements within your email.

Understand your users’ financial goals

To assist your customers meaningfully, you must tune in to what they want. Some key pieces of information point you to their financial goals, risk appetite, and upper ceiling for investment. Having such knowledge will help you offer relevant recommendations and give specific advice.

Use amp-form to create in-email forms with the right questions. Combine it with amp-selector to build menus or buttons that allow one-click inputs.

Your menu should include an option for users to identify themselves as new to investing. For those who click this, go a step further and offer a chatbot created with amp-bind and amp form. The chatbot can work 24×7 inside your AMP email to interact with the user and help them with the next steps.

Recommend funds and stocks aligned with users’ goals

With precise information on what a user wants, you can suggest a list of stocks and funds to help them best meet their goals.

Start by using amp-carousel and amp-img to showcase the best products. Users will want real-time data on how a stock performs – use amp-list to provide dynamic data to show live updates within your emails.

You can further personalize the content with amp-mustache. Use it to create a tailored list of stocks with the latest updates on price changes, market performance, etc. Finally, use amp-selector so customers can quickly choose one or more funds and make the investment, right from their AMP emails.

Provide educative resources for new investors

If a user identifies as a new investor, they may need more than just recommendations. They might need to learn more about market patterns and basic investment strategies to trust the recommendations.

You can deliver educational content that takes users through the 101 concepts before they start investing. Use amp-img and amp-anim for quick, eye-catching pointers. The amp-anim component can also present visually appealing charts and graphs, making learning fast and easy.

For more extensive text, use amp-sidebar, as it can present navigational content and accommodate additional links. Suppose you have even more information to display, break it up with amp-accordion. You can also use amp-fit-text to adjust the text in limited screen space. A lot of interactive content can be displayed inside AMP emails, be it text, images, charts, illustrations, or links.

Enable investment search within your emails

Customers should be able to search for desired stocks and funds without leaving their inboxes. Every redirection to a website or app increases the likelihood of drop-off, but thanks to AMP emails, you can avoid them to the maximum.

Use amp-autocomplete to build an in-email search bar that returns results based on keywords/phrases. Consider adding an FAQ section with amp-accordion. 

You can also add a chatbot with amp-bind and amp-accordion so that users can ask questions and get answers right within AMP emails.

Deliver expert advice related to user goals

Even a seasoned investor can use some advice from experts once in a while. For example, they might want to know which IPOs to wait for or look for technical analyses of well-performing stocks. Instead of customers having to do the research themselves, why not give them that information in your email and tie it to your website or app?

Use amp-img and amp-accordion to display this information. Remember to use the amp-sidebar to accommodate extra text, if necessary. You can use amp-bind to integrate in-email calculators so that users can compute investments, returns, gains, losses, and more inside your AMP emails.

Offer free benefits to trigger customer engagement

Ensure that your customers have a feel-great moment with a few valuable freebies. What about a free stock performance history? Or a trend analysis of a volatile stock?

Uniquely promote these free benefits with animated visuals using amp-anim. If you need to add some text, amp-accordion is a great option. You can also use amp-lightbox to highlight the freebie you want to emphasize. AMP emails help you package and present benefits so that they stand out as unique and valuable.

Remind longtime customers of their growth with you

Your longtime customers may not need much instructive help from you, except maybe the occasional notification about a lucrative new fund. However, you could illustrate how much their money has grown since they signed up with you. Remind them, within your AMP email, of the tangible gains from your mutually profitable relationship. 

The amp-image-lightbox will highlight growth numbers (as an image) and bring it to the center of the screen. If they have multiple portfolios with you, use amp accordion to take them through the whole list as a series of images they can swipe and view.

Provide comparisons for making informed decisions

Assure your customers that they are choosing the right fund/stock by comparing it against other options in the market. If customers see that your website or app makes the most relevant and profitable options, they are more likely to trust future recommendations.

Use amp-carousel to display these comparisons in limited screen space (especially on mobile devices). Leverage amp-img to display graphs and charts depicting the growth patterns of a fund over a certain period (month/week/year).

Additionally, use amp-selector so that when users make a choice of fund, they can select it, make payments, and start investing right from your AMP email.

Showcase breaking news and real-time market data

Investors will want up-to-date alerts on their fund performance and major or minor market changes. They’d also like to tune into all breaking news that can affect economic markets.

The amp-list component is ideal for providing real-time data on fund performance, market shifts, and more. Users get updated information in the same email every time they open it.

Use amp-accordion and amp-sidebar to deliver new details that require more text to be displayed in a limited space.

Offer value-added customer support

Whether they are new investors or experts, your customers will inevitably require some assistance. You can save them the trouble of visiting your website or app for every little query.

Use amp-form and amp-autocomplete to allow users to raise their queries in the email. They no longer need to call support numbers or visit websites for assistance. They can simply fill out a form inside their AMP emails to get a reply.

Wrapping Up

Trading platforms and apps deal with customers that exclusively focus on the dynamics of the stocks and shares market and how it affects their portfolio. Providing this information in a quick and easy manner will ensure a delightful customer experience.

AMP emails are unmatched in two aspects: they are perfect for displaying information in the most eye-catching and interactive manner. AMP emails also pull live data from the backend every time they are opened and display information that is updated in real-time.

Across industries, AMP emails lead to higher engagement, lower drop-offs, more conversions, and an unbelievably higher ROI.

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Written By: Jasmine Handa