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Increase purchases on your ecommerce store through personalized omnichannel customer experiences at scale.

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8-13% Increase
Conversions on website
6-9% Increase
Add-to-cart rates
10X Increase
Marketing ROI
Faster Activation
Get new shoppers to go from onboarding to first purchase by initially guiding them on your app.
Intelligent Engagement
Bank on our AI engine to help you provide personalized recommendations and craft omnichannel customer experiences.
Ecommerce Sales Growth
Maximize revenues with our advanced analytics and AI-led intelligent insights to predict what customers want and sell more to your high-value customers.
Increased Retention
Take proactive action against app uninstalls based on our predictive intelligence. Run mobile A/B tests to keep improving your UX with our ecommerce growth engine.
Activate faster Engage Intelligently Maximize Revenues Uplift Retention

Built for ecommerce growth

Wow first-time shoppers with seamless onboarding

Contextually nudge new users to guide them to the relevant sections of your app for faster activation. Showcase AI-led personalized product recommendations on the home page based on geolocation, device type, and time to solve the “cold start” challenge.

Create personalized Instagram-like shopping experiences!

Help your shoppers discover products they love with personalized recommendations across your website - based on unique tastes and affinities. Curate a cross-category list of products that each shopper is most likely to view or buy - accessible via a single click on your website !

Reduce cart abandonment with personalized product recommendations

Choose from 15+ triggered message templates to update customers on items left in their wishlist or relevant products back in stock. Deliver 1:1 product recommendations across high-conversion channels such as email and app push notifications to prevent drop-offs.

Cross-sell more and retain your best customers

Identify your most valuable customers through our CLTV model and revenue dashboard. Increase AOV by cross-selling relevant products bought together. Ring-fence your best customers with contextual multi-channel campaigns that keep them returning to your ecommerce store.

Predict and arrest app user churn in real-time

Our AI engine, Raman, predicts users who are most likely to uninstall your app. He also highlights “why” users may be churning too! Act on Raman’s intelligent insights to craft and deliver effective multi-channel re-engagement campaigns to prevent churn in real-time.

Build a unified view of every shopper

Our CDP helps you stitch together customer data from both offline and online touchpoints to create a rich individual user profile. Gain an in-depth understanding of each shopper based on demographic, geolocation, behavioral, device-related, and purchase details.

Act on customer feedback to turn them into advocates !

Reward loyal shoppers with personalized offers or discount codes while encouraging them to refer your platform to others. Gather real-time feedback and app ratings with contextual nudges triggered on completion of the purchase journey.

Provide relevant results with Search Personalization

Display the most relevant results with hyper-personalization every time a shopper searches for a product on your D2C ecommerce store. Display intelligent suggestions to your shoppers based on their search behavior and your catalog for a seamless shopping experience

Optimize catalogs with Product Performance for Ecommerce

Analyze product performance on your D2C ecommerce website with a sales dashboard to remove the guesswork. Get granular insights into product performance metrics and take actions in real-time.
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