Personalized Boutique Page

Your style, your way -
personlized boutique pages for each user

Create an Instagram-like UX with a personalized landing page for each user. Our AI engine understands customer behavior to deliver custom product recommendations in real-time.
Personalized Boutique - Netcore Cloud
Increase conversion rates by 12-18%
Increase add to cart rates by 12-18%
Increase click-through rates by 120-150%

Unlock customer delight by delivering products they love

Create a personalized landing page for each user

Imagine walking into a store curated just for you. Roll out a similar experience for your customers on your website by showing the 40 most relevant products that are likely to be bought. Our AI engine Raman, makes this dream come true by analyzing the shopping, and purchase patterns of each individual user to understand exactly what each user wants.
Personalized Landing page For Each User - Netcore Cloud
Instagram-Like UX - Netcore Cloud

Instagram-like UX

A list of products highly personalized for each customer can be showcased with stories at the top of your screen, like you see on Instagram. The stories will have different recommendation widgets like- ‘Most Viewed’, ‘Most purchased’, ‘Most clicked’, ‘Just for you’, ‘Latest products’. Customers can click on the story to view products under that recommendation widget

Product recommendations based on real-time feedback

Customers can interact in real-time by clicking the ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike' buttons to share feedback about their choices and preferences. The products list then continuously refreshes according to user response
Product Recommendations - Real Time Feedback - Netcore Cloud
Curated page of liked products - Netcore Cloud

Curated page of liked products

Products that were liked by your customer will be stored on a separate page. These products become the bedrock of the products that will be recommended to the customer on subsequent visits to your website

Personalized landing page on your website and mobile app

Delight your customers with a unique browsing experience while increasing CTRs by 120-150%, every time they arrive on your website or launch your app

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