Content Personalization

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Content personalization that connects

Personalize D2C marketing by using our Raman AI engine to display recommendations relevant to shoppers’ unique tastes in various widgets across your D2C website.
Content Personalization - Netcore Cloud
Build customized journeys for
customer segments based on unique interactions
Reduce bounce rates and increase
click-through rates, leads, and revenues
Increase conversions by upselling and
cross-selling relevant products

Transform your static website into a dynamic digital experience

Leverage your deep understanding
of customers

Adapt your entire onsite experience according to every customer's unique behaviors, interests, tastes, preferences, and affinities to customize the website at an individual level
Leverage Your Deep Understanding - PZ - Netcore Cloud
Serve Real Time Recommendations - Netcore Cloud

Serve real-time recommendations
across the website

Drive engagement by enhancing the onsite experience of your visitors by delivering personalized content or product recommendations that are most relevant to them - based on the past and live behavior

Control how visitors view and
navigate your website

Edit and modify various website elements like content, products, text, banners, images, backgrounds, and CTAs for different segments of website visitors. Define rules and create customized journeys based on their actions
Control How Visitors View - PZ - Netcore Cloud
Lend Helping Hand Lost visitors - PZ - Netcore Cloud

Lend a helping hand to
your "lost" visitors

If your visitors' drop-off or get lost mid-way through their journey, personalize the website accordingly to guide them back to where they exited or dropped-off

Adopt a swift, no-code solution

Our proprietary visual editor tool lets you edit the website and create customer journeys on a no-code framework through dynamic segmentation. Now, deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time, and on the right touchpoint of your website
Adopt Swift No Code Solution - Netcore Cloud
Drive Personalization - Netcore Cloud

Drive personalization,
in the absence of AI

AI provides recommendations that are fueled by a large number of customer data-points. Content personalization works with even limited data since the customer journey is created by rules defined by you, based on their behavior and interactions. This lets you personalize engagement with anonymous users who are not your registered customers

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