Binge-worthy OTT user experiences

Keep users coming back for more with personalized content on your website or mobile app

Maximize and monetize content on your platform
15-20% Increase
Content consumption
5-10% Increase
Freemium to paid subscribers
30% Increase
Mobile app DAUs
Activate faster
Onboard new users quickly to get them to start consuming content on your platform
Engage intelligently
Deliver AI-led relevant content recommendations on your website, app, or marketing channels
Maximize revenues
Personalize consumption basis unique behavior and habits to boost average time spent per session = higher ad revenues
Uplift retention
Act on our app uninstalls predictions. Re-engage “at-risk” users with personalized recommendations of their favourite show, genre, or artist
Activate faster Engage intelligently Maximize revenues Uplift retention

Built for OTT hyper-scale

Guide new users towards faster activation

Help new users navigate to the most important sections of your platform - that impact retention - on Day 0. Let AI solve the “cold start” problem by showing relevant content recommendations basis geolocation, device-type, and look-alikes.
faster activation

Get activated users to binge more content

Send real-time, personalized recommendations through multi-channel campaigns to boost average time spent per session. Increase your DAUs by uplifting your app push notification delivery rates with our industry-leading smart push feature.

Convert freemium into paid subscribers

Show AI-led 1:1 content recommendations basis your users’ implicit and explicit listening or viewing behavior, consumption trends, etc. Identify your north star Metric like “15 minutes+ of watch or listen time by Day 3” to target the right users with the most suitable plan.
Convert freemium
user retention

Turn up the volume on user retention

Contextually nudge users to use new sections on your app - music, news, live sports, news, etc. More adoption = higher retention. Use AI to understand “why” users retain or uninstall your app. For instance, users visiting the “Buzz” section on a music app may show higher retention.

Keep Improving your Platform Experience

Trigger user rating campaigns or one-click surveys to get live feedback that you can use to better the user experience. Run complex mobile A/B tests to identify which app screens or sections on each screen work best for user segments.
Keep Improving your Platform Experience
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