7 AMP emails to drive customers and conversions in the real estate business
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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7 AMP emails to drive customers and conversions in the real estate business

Published : November 8, 2022

Being in the hyper-competitive real estate industry, you would have often wondered how to set your marketing emails apart from the hundreds that land up every day in prospective customer inboxes. 

To begin with, your emails have to be interesting enough to make users want to read them. Visuals (especially moving images), coupled with concise content in a clean layout, works wonders for drawing and retaining the reader’s attention. 

Once the users move down the mail, they typically find a CTA button, asking them to click out of the email and onto a webpage. Here’s where most of the drop-offs occur, resulting in the leakage of almost all potential leads. 

So, how do you address these critical points?

The answer is, “Switch to AMP Emails”

AMP emails can work as your website or app. Customers can take every action right within your email: 

  • Search for properties
  • Compare the choices
  • Shortlist their preferences
  • Book personal visits
  • Finalize the deal

In short, you get more engagement, better conversion and higher ROI from your campaigns.

Let’s take a detailed look at the different AMP components and what actions they make possible within your marketing emails.

1. Set up a dynamic property search

Cut short the time and effort your prospective customer puts into searching for properties with a dynamic search bar. Make it easier to filter the search results with app-like dropdown menus for budget, space, location, property type, condition, rental or cost, etc.

You can also create personalized listings for each customer. The lists are displayed live based on user preferences and corresponding backend data. Take it a notch higher with a virtual tour of the property from all possible angles for complete coverage.

AMP components like amp-anim or amp-img make it possible to embed fast-loading and high-res images in your emails. amp-list is responsible for fetching relevant property suggestions and displaying them in real time to enrich the customer experience.

2. Make interactive comparison possible

One of the first things users do is to make a fair comparison of the properties they like. You can simplify this task for them by including tables with filter options for location, nearby facilities, transport available, area ratings, etc., within your email. 

Detailed images of properties further support the comparative analysis. You can also add forms to enable queries on shortlisted properties and speed up conversion. 

AMP components like amp-bind, amp-selector, and amp-list help you build interactive comparison tables within emails. You can highlight property images using amp-image-lightbox. It adds a lightbox effect to images by enlarging them and bringing them to the center of the screen.

3. Help speed up shortlisting

Understanding the market value of their prospective homes can help customers strategize better using your services. Interactive calculators with input options like tenure of payment, mode of payment, etc., can give a good estimate and help them begin their journey with you. 

You can include live chatbots to give resolutions on the go. You can also include a handbook with snapshots to detail the shortlisting process for those who may need assistance. 

amp-bind and amp-selector components help create calculators or tables that change results as customers change input values. amp-img helps you build impactful guidebooks with clear images.

4. Enable customer visits/tours to the property

Syncing up a date and time that suits you and your clients for property visits/tours can be tricky. To avoid time-clash, you can let customers make their bookings with dynamic calendars. 

You can include FAQs or chatbots to answer all the queries users may have before finalizing personal visits. Leave a detailed in-email form for individual questions and quicken the conversion process. 

Another great idea is to send open house invitation emails to let prospective buyers get an actual feel of the house and the neighborhood. It is a tremendous business opportunity for you to connect with prospects, collect data from interested parties, and generate leads. 

amp-bind and amp-selector combine well to present live calendars that can show available time slots using updated backend data. Chatbots can be created by combining the amp-form allowing live chatting to humanize your emails. amp-bind helps you grab the attention of newer leads with exciting rewards for signing up for your services that can be presented in the form of scratch cards.

5. Nurture longstanding client relationships

Good relationships go beyond closing deals with customers. You can offer resources that help them make an informed decision – share FAQs, legal paperwork, local taxes, real estate reports, market updates, etc.

You can sustain and grow business with your contribution to the property search and related formalities. It enriches the customers’ overall experience with you and also helps you get referrals for future business opportunities. 

amp-mustache and amp-carousel components in AMP emails help you personalize content and display image galleries, respectively, in an attractive manner. Using amp-accordion’s expand/collapse feature, you can add plenty of advice covering several topics without cluttering the email body.

6. Build credibility and reputation

Users often rely on real user accounts to help make decisions about your services. Sharing client testimonials can help you not only enhance your reputation but also get off to a good start with new customers. 

You can easily include snippets of client testimonials as a swipeable image gallery for users to browse through. Or you can include detailed accounts of user experiences using expandable/collapsible headlines. 

amp-carousel helps you include auto-playing image galleries to effectively display multiple images. amp-accordion lets you stack heaps of information that expand only when customers interact with it.

7. Offer customized recommendations

A well-segmented customer base is the secret to personalization and conversion. The more you profile your customers using zero-party data, the higher the relevance of your property recommendation. You can also personalize deals and offers based on customer preferences. 

Using amp-form, you can embed multi-step forms in emails to make customers share their details quickly and easily. amp-selector and amp-autocomplete allow you to build radio buttons, drop-down options, and autofill text fields making the input smoother.

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Written By: Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen
Assistant Manager - Content Strategist