Use Cases
User Onboarding and Activation

Build seamless experiences
from D0 with no-code

Create custom onboarding and activation campaigns

User Onboarding and Activation
Deliver seamless
app experiences
Drive faster user activations
Help users find
what they need
Draft specific experiences
for specific user segments
First impression lasts forever!
Forget D0 worries and retain more
Build amazing onboarding experiences and let go of the D0 churn worries. Navigate users through critical steps and ensure they are not lost in your app
Forget D0 worries and retain more
User Activations
Activate faster by displaying value at the right time
Direct your users to value, without any delays and drive faster user activations. Improve the metrics that matter to you, with contextual nudges
Create habit loops by
highlighting key features
Ensure that new users know, understand, and utilize the features that constitute the critical part of their habit loop. Place nudges along with any key feature or button, all with no-code
Intervene to really grab
a user's attention
Deploy the spotlight nudge to more directly bring a user's attention to key app features. Position and place spotlight nudges relative to any relevant app element
Create a product tour with tooltips
Walk users through key features with a product tour, by comprehensively linking nudges. Create personalized tours for targeted user cohorts
Product tour with tooltips
Product walkthrough
Tooltip series for
skipped product walkthrough
Not every user completes an app’s existing product walkthrough. Let users who skip product walkthrough know where to find important information
Our customers love our user onboarding and activation!
CMOs, Growth Hackers, and PMs at customer-centric companies of every size and industry rely on Netcore
My premier League
We improved our adoption, conversions, numbers and cut down countless developer hours.
Sanjeev Kumar
SVP, Product
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We improved our adoption, conversions numbers and cut down countless developer hours.
Phanish Gururaj
SVP, Product
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We improved our adoption, conversions numbers and cut down countless developer hours.
Sishir Kolli
SVP, Product
My premier League
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