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Offer a website/app-like experience within your email.

  • No click throughs. No landing pages. No redirections.
  • Bring interactivity via our no-code, drag and drop editor with 3 clicks.
  • Witness higher conversions and greater ROI.
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Achieve unmatched conversions and ROI with Netcore’s AMP interactive emails

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Zero-party data collection


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Cart recovery


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NPS survey


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Lead generation


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Survey and Product reviews


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EMI calculator


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Live Feed


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Chat survey


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Appointment scheduling


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Gamified offers


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Search within the email


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Play Wordle


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Create AMP emails easily with inbuilt templates.

Design AMP emails faster with our drag-and-drop editor.

Design AMP emails faster

Perform smart segmentation to effectively personalize emails.

Personalize emails with segmentation

Enhance your interactive emails with the power of AI.

Interactive emails with AI

Amplify your sales through emails that create magic

Drive checkouts by bringing the Email Magic Cart within users' inboxes
FAQs on AMP Emails

How do you send an AMP email?

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You can follow the below steps to send the AMP email:

Creation of AMP Email Template-You can use Netcore's drag and drop AMP email editor or use and modify ready-made AMP email templates as per your use case.

Validation of AMP Email Template - You will have to register through a google form to get the approval for sending AMP email from your domain. Every sending domain needs to be approved by Gmail to send out AMP emails. This includes domain whitelisting which is a vital step. It is done once for a particular sending domain. It permits you to send AMP emails and helps to tell spam filters that your emails are safe to deliver to the inbox.

Testing/Deploying- As a final step, you need to test your AMP Email with a small set of test accounts to check and fix any issues. Netcore will perform tests to ensure everything is in order, and after successful testing, your campaign will be sent.

How do I enable Gmail AMP?

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You will have to send the AMP email with the sender id (and other details) through a google registration form for approval. Gmail then whitelists that sender ID and enables it to send AMP emails.

Which use case would benefit from AMP for email?

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Some of the many use cases are Product emailers, Gamified offers, Live order status, Feedback/Survey/Quiz, EMI/Loan calculator, Cart abandonment, travel itinerary, live seat map, etc. Any industry vertical can be benefited with AMP email to make their email interactive.

What email providers support AMP?

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AMP email is currently supported by four email clients: Gmail, Yahoo Mail,, and FairEmail.

How does AMP for email work?

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AMP is an open-source specification that all email clients can use. It is a rendering technology. The AMP HTML library has an extensive collection of components that bring core functionality to your AMP emails. Adding one or more AMP components can incorporate interactive and dynamic features in your emails.

How do I make my emails interactive?

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With AMP for email technology, you can send rich, highly-personalized emails that engage with users in fewer clicks. By avoiding landing pages and interacting within the email, AMP emails encourage higher engagement and conversions. They are also safe and secure, without the involvement of any third-party features.

How do I test my AMP email?

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Each template created should pass through the validation test - at

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