AMP for Email

Dynamic. Interactive.

Deliver an immersive experience for your customers, right within the email. Say goodbye to ‘old, boring emails!’


Now, your emails can be like your website

Clicking a button to visit a website? That’s out. Drive your engagement levels with a
Website-like experience, right within the email.
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Connect with your customers, like never before

Interact with your customers without fail using the AMP features like Forms, Carousels, Accordions, Ratings and Gamification.

Customize for everyone,
down to every detail

Give unique product offers and more to each customer with AMP in email and enjoy better ROI from your email marketing campaigns.

Our customers love AMP in Email

Customer-centric companies use AMP interactivity to turn around their email marketing and increase conversions
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At YourStory, we are always on the lookout for implementing new technical innovations that will help us in enhancing our customer experience. Implementing AMP in our emails has enabled us to increase our event conversions by a whopping 5.5X. Thanks to the consultation and support from Netcore teams for helping us achieve this growth!
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Aaron Karthik
Head of Digital Marketing, YourStory Media
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Axis Securities, a private brokerage bank, increased its open rate by 27% and click rate by 24% with AMP emails and other actions.
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Other leading brands empowering customer engagement using AMP in Email with Netcore
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