Top 13 use cases for AMP emails
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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Top 13 use cases for AMP emails

Published : December 19, 2022

Think of a good email marketing strategy. Add AMP emails to the mix. Make it great.

With all the interactive and dynamic elements at their command, AMP emails make customer interactions incredibly simple and fast. Users get everything they need or want right within an AMP email.

Make a payment? Yes.

Search for new products? Yes. 

Check the live prices of stocks? Yes.

Calculate investment outlays? Yes.

Choose flight seats? Yes.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Your customers can do all of these and much more within your email. Your imagination is the only limit for what’s possible.

To begin with, check out these 13 robust use cases of AMP emails that drive conversions and boost your email marketing ROI.

Finding it tough to include 5 images in your marketing email? Let’s make it 15.

Only high-res images will do if you need to display a luxury brand collection. You will also need multiple images to create the irresistible visual appeal. And it needs to be done without spoiling the sleek and classy look of the email.

You can invigorate your AMP emails with as many images as you want. Use amp-img to dazzle customers with high-res images. If there are too many, use the amp-carousel component to place them in an image gallery that users can easily swipe through.

AMP blog inline image

Aisle, window, or extra legroom? Let users choose their seats from email.

Asking users to click a CTA redirect to your website to choose plane seats? Are we still in 2019?

Use amp-form and amp-selector so that flyers can grab their favorite seats, meals and drinks on a flight from their AMP emails. A couple of clicks to choose and pay, and they’re done — without leaving their inbox.

What’s the first place to look when trying to find the perfect gift for a child’s sixth birthday?

If a user is looking for, say, an Easy-Bake Oven, they should head for the retail websites, right?

Wrong. They just need to open the AMP email you sent.

Use amp-autocomplete to place a search bar right within your AMP email. When users type a keyword/phrase, they’ll get all the product choices they want. They can choose, compare, and purchase right from within the email. No redirection to websites, no friction, fewer drop-offs.

They bought a baking oven from you?  Now help them bake perfectly.

Cross-sell in a way that helps your customers. Ask yourself: “How can I drive more value from their previous purchase?” Nurturing post-purchase relations increases the customer lifetime value.

A cookbook on baking is an excellent follow-up recommendation for someone who bought an oven. Use amp-carousel to display images of related products without taking up much screen space.

Add detailed knowledge resources, like baking tips and tricks, via amp-accordion. Display bite-sized content that is easy on the eyes. If you want to highlight a product, use amp-image-lightbox to bring it to the center of the screen while fading the background out.

PS5 or Xbox Series X? It’s a tough call to make before the deals end.

Buying a console is not easy. Gamers do tons of comparative research, read countless reviews, and ask multiple questions. It would usually take several visits to websites and forums. But not anymore: AMP emails bring all of those assessments inside the inbox.

Use amp-img, amp-anim, and amp-carousel to bring up detailed comparison research results in your AMP emails. Use amp-sidebar to include additional links.

Share reviews by other users with amp-accordion – there is nothing more persuasive than a peer player’s opinion. Use amp forms for users to post questions; help them make informed decisions.

Remember to use amp-selector so people can buy their choice in-email.

Should users call your customer care number? Or just open their email?

Asking customers to call support lines, write emails to help desks, or raise support is pre-AMP era. AMP emails can offer solutions like search, query forms, and 24 x 7 chatbot support right inside the customers’ inbox.

Use amp-autocomplete so they can search for solutions without connecting on call or writing emails. Add an amp-form to let people submit queries in-email.  You can use amp-bind and amp-form to create in-email chatbots that answer queries immediately.

Chat Survey

Why not ask customers to spin the wheel? It might be their lucky day!

If recipients aren’t enjoying your emails, your marketing isn’t quite there yet. Customers reading and interacting with your email and looking forward to the next one is the ultimate mark of marketing success.

Use amp-bind to gamify your emails. How about offering a Wordle game with a 50% discount as the reward? Or a puzzle that leads to a free coffee mug? Or, behind which door lie the free Drake concert tickets? And, of course, spin the wheel for quick and easy fun.

Give your customers something to win, but make winning just as fun. Keep them coming back for more games and more rewards.

Gamified Offers inline image Wordle

Did someone book a flight with you? Make sure they don’t miss it.

As long as customers have your email open, they will no longer struggle to book a cab, or know how far it is from their pickup point.

If you’re marketing for an airline or bus company, make it quick and easy for the customers to get to the departure location. Offer the option to book cabs to the airport or bus station from your AMP email.

Use amp-form so they can enter details for booking and amp-selector so they can pay immediately. Include the amp-list and amp-mustache components in your AMP email to show real-time tracking of the cab’s location.

Search within email

Marvelous or meh? How is the HUDA BB lipstick that customers bought?

Any information that the customer shares is valuable to you. Seek feedback from them whenever they buy or take some action on your site or app. But don’t redirect them to external web pages for feedback – they’re doing you a favor here. Cut down on the efforts required.

Use amp-form to create in-email feedback forms. Add amp-selector to allow users to submit their feedback via a rating scale or stars array with a single click. They can also type in a few comments inside your AMP email.

Survey & Product Review

Only 2 days left before the Dior J’adore sale ends. And they didn’t know?

Often sale announcer emails go unread or unheeded. Nothing stimulates customers into action as knowing a sweet deal is about to escape them.

Build on the fear of missing out with amp-timeago. It lets you build a self-updating timer that notifies customers of the time left before a deal expires or even a product that is likely to go out of stock.

Every time they open your AMP email, they’ll see that the time left to grab what they want is running out fast.

Dow rose 300 points and is still climbing? Show it live inside email.

Is the market getting jittery? Or do your customers have something to celebrate? Let them find out right from their email. And in real time.

Use amp-list to fetch live data from the servers and display it live within the inbox. Customers can check up-to-date market stats and how their investment is doing at any given moment—all within an AMP email.

Live price ticker

Too many clicks to pin down the 5 o’clock appointment? Not anymore.

Why make users click on a CTA, redirect to a website, log in, and fix an appointment? All they need is your AMP email. They can search available slots, view options, choose, and confirm an appointment right inside their email.

The amp-form component is perfect for creating booking options for customers within email. Give them all available options, let them click on their choice, and voila!

And remember to include amp-selector if you need them to make advance payments in-email.

Appointment AMP

A customer finally found the exact product? Help them buy it within email.

We’ve mentioned this in other points above, but we feel such a powerful clincher deserves a separate subhead. Finding the exact product takes time and effort for the customer. You can make purchasing it real quick and easy. Let customers pay instantly within AMP emails on the go; do not redirect them to a website page or payment page. Fewer steps to payment mean lower drop-offs and lesser chances of cart abandonment.

Use amp-selector to facilitate in-email purchase. Avoid the hassles of website redirection, logging in, filling details, etc. Users can click and validate the payment within email, and it’s done.

The possibilities are endless with AMP Emails

As the 13 use cases above reveal, AMP emails are super versatile. You can use them as an adrenaline shot for your email marketing campaigns.

AMP emails are proven to generate exceptional results in countless campaigns, and they’ll continue to hold sway as marketers like you keep getting creative with them. AMP emails are the very definition of a win-win strategy – making life easier for your customers while giving you increased user engagement, retention, and an explosive boost to ROI.

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