10 ways interactive AMP emails are transforming how job portals communicate with jobseekers
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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10 ways interactive AMP emails are transforming how job portals communicate with jobseekers

Published : October 4, 2022

With the job market becoming more competitive than ever, job portals must transform how their communications interact with jobseekers. They need to be quick, easy, and yet comprehensive.

Using AMP emails instead of regular HTML emails has proved to be at least 3X more effective in engagement and conversions, leading to increased ROI. The reason for such astounding performance is simple: AMP emails allow users to complete all interactions from their email with no click-throughs to external pages. They act as a mini-website or app and give users a great interactive experience without being redirected.

Here are 10 ways job portals are leveraging AMP emails to make their communication distinctive.

1. Facilitate browsing/applying for jobs within email

Job portals can use amp-list components to provide a list of available job openings that job seekers can browse within emails. Jobseekers can apply for positions by filling out and submitting an in-email form created using the amp-form component.  Job alerts with AMP integration can also allow users to apply directly from emails.

2. Update the display of available jobs in real-time

Besides providing a list of available jobs, AMP emails also update the job opening status in real-time using the amp-list component. When a new position opens up or a vacancy gets filled, the email information is updated automatically using back-end data.

3. Enable job search based on different criteria

Amp-autocomplete gives you the functional search bar in emails that can enable job seekers to quickly search for specific job openings based on individual criteria like location, role, salary etc. It can provide suggestions based on partial inputs of particular phrases and keywords.

4. Display updated application process status

Job portals can use amp-list to provide real-time status updates of job applications within emails. The amp-timeago component is helpful for dynamically updating a countdown associated with search results such as the application deadline or selection results.

5. Offer personalized job opening recommendations

AMP email components such as the amp-bind, amp-form and amp-mustache can help display highly personalized job openings. Amp-form collects information on the kind of jobs users want to see. Amp-bind alters how the users interact with emails based on their actions and data changes. Amp-mustache allows for customization of emails by inserting the recipient’s name.

6. Provide detailed job descriptions and benefits

Amp-accordion can provide thorough descriptions of job openings and detailed information like the benefits etc., in a limited space. The component creates expandable content sections in emails that job seekers can click on to get more detailed information.

7. Allow submission of resumes within email

The amp-form component can enable completion of the resume section with a document attachment or by copy-pasting text. Job seekers can revisit their email in future to update their information in the portal’s database dynamically.

8. Extend assistance via live support and chat

Online job portals can provide live support within emails by integrating live chatbots and dynamic components like amp-bind. They can also include additional resources like FAQs using the amp-sidebar component to display ‘help’ content for further assistance.

9. Conduct pre-qualification/shortlisting tests

AMP components like amp-form and amp-bind can enable conducting pre-qualification and shortlisting tests from emails. Back-end data can dynamically grade the answers and candidates can see their results in real-time via the amp-list component.

10. Provide candidates with knowledge/resource base

Amp-accordion allows online job portals to embed a resource/knowledge base with resume templates, interview tips, career milestones and typical org charts etc., within emails. This amp component enables users to easily navigate multi-layered information by expanding and collapsing the content.


Online job portals can use AMP emails to improve user experience by enabling job seekers for complete interaction within their emails without getting redirected to external sites. This functionality can also reduce drop-off rates, leading to increased subscriptions and higher ROI from email marketing campaigns.

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Written By: Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan
Senior Product Specialist