Personalized learning experiences Edtechs can rely upon

Boost live class attendance, paid subscriptions, and course completion rates
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Impact the metrics that matter the most
Live class attendance
Unassisted subscriptions & Course completion rates
Dormant learner reactivation rates
Activate faster
Use instructional walkthroughs to highlight key app features like free classes, video content, or ask-an-expert to activate with 10 minutes+ content viewed
Increase adoption
Contextually reach your learners across email, app push notifications, or text messages to encourage 100% completion of classes, tests, and courses
Maximize subscriptions
Allow our AI engine, Raman, to accurately predict learner segments that are most likely to buy or upgrade a course and engage accordingly
Uplift Retention
Send personalized course completion reminders, updates on new content or live sessions, or recommend related courses to stay relevant
Activate-faster Increase-adoption Maximize-subscriptions Uplift-Retention

Grow your learner base, exponentially

Start new users on a cross-device learning path

Help new website visitors discover the most relevant courses. Build confidence through free courses and experiential learning to reduce manual service calls. Decrease the time to value on first-time app launch with no-code tool-tips that encourage them to browse their favorite categories.

Turn registered users into paying learners

Send no-code nudges on web and app to guide newly registered learners to buy a course if they’ve consumed ~15 minutes of free content. Trigger personalized messages basis free content viewed or courses pending subscription to encourage dropped-off users to return to your platform.

Nurture learners towards course completion

Deploy contextual in-app nudges to help them explore the test section, raise queries with experts, or view recorded sessions. Gamify the learning experience through triggered action-oriented emails, text messages, or app push notifications to encourage 100% completion. Increase new app installs by 20% through contextual in-app nudges that encourage learners to share their course post course completion.

Focus on learner retention at scale

Understand WHY learners retain or uninstall your app, as you optimize your data-driven engagement strategy on-the-fly. Predict and engage the right learners with the most relevant course recommendations or test preparation packages to keep them active.

Elevate the 1:1 learning experience

Trigger in-app one-click surveys to get real-time user feedback to improve the learning experience. Motivate dormant or churned learners with automated contextual multi-channel campaigns to re-build the habit loop.
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