8 powerful AMP emails that boost conversion for the Logistics industry
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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8 powerful AMP emails that boost conversion for the Logistics industry

Published : November 10, 2022

In logistics, a quick quote can make a swift sale. What if you can let customers calculate their own freight costs rights there within the marketing email?

What if you can track and update their consignment’s current location for them, every time they open their email?

What if you can embed a warehouse locator with maps, and a chatbot…all right inside the email?

Wouldn’t that reduce drop-offs, increase engagement, and boost conversions?

When it comes to marketing logistics services, it’s tricky to stand out when everyone is trying to attract attention with something new. You may have often found yourself struggling to deliver unique marketing strategies.

So what is the one thing you can bet on?

The answer is “AMP emails”. 

These emails can embed freight calculators, dynamic consignment trackers, warehouse locators with maps, chatbots…and a lot more, right inside the e-mail.

Do away with the ‘click-to-view-in website.’ Give your emails a min-website or app experience.

Here are 8 powerful ways you can use AMP mail in your logistics business:

1. Showcase what you have to offer

Use animated images to explain your various services more attractively to the audience. You can use high-quality images or GIFs to create PDF-like information brochures. Present your unique solutions, safety and security procedures, and international operations clearly and concisely.

Use quick-loading pictures and swipeable image galleries to enrich the customer’s experience. You can do that with the amp-img component and the amp-carousel component.

2. Enable quick search for your locations

Your warehouse’s proximity can encourage customers to make bookings instantly. Include a warehouse locator inside the email to speed up customers’ search for storage sites in specified areas. Take a giant leap ahead with autocomplete search bars to find serviceable locations, offices, route maps, warehouse facilities, etc. 

Attractively display predefined suggestions and options for customers to get results faster. That’s the power of amp-autocomplete and amp-selector components.

3. Simplify the freight calculation

Freight or cargo costs often influence customers’ booking decisions. Delayed quotes can cause prospects to move on. Let them calculate freight on the go with live calculators embedded right within your marketing emails. Include all supporting variables such as from and to location, weight, quantity, invoice value, or mode of transport. 

In your email, add a drag bar and a drop-down menu to make calculators more user-friendly and interactive. AMP components like amp-bind and amp-selector make that possible.

4. Make it easy to schedule facility visits

Eliminate the trouble of booking appointments on calls. Use dynamic calendars to instantly schedule visits to your facilities. Such a scheduler can show updated availability based on backend data to avoid a clash in schedules. Your prospects can choose a convenient date and time to visit your properties – a schedule that is also in sync with your convenience.

amp-bind can help you create schedulers that allow custom interactions. amp-timeago lets you send confirmation emails that show updated time left in scheduled visits. 

Use the amp-bind component to create schedulers that allow custom interactions. Use the amp-timeago component to send confirmation emails that show updated time left for scheduled visits.

5. Offer live tracking updates

When customers visit your website they put in a lot of effort to enter accurate details to track the movement of their cargo. Reward them appropriately with dynamic updates that display live information on cargo movement whenever they open their emails.

Clearly visualize their supply chain. Create a seamless cargo tracker, with the amp-list component. Embed a clicking timer. Show the time lapsed since dispatch or the time left to reach delivery. Use the amp-ago component to do all this. Give customers an app-like tracking experience right inside their inboxes.

6. Answer questions and solve queries

FAQs and chatbots are ideal for resolving customer queries quickly and effortlessly. They make it easier for customers to get quick resolutions. 

To add FAQs within your AMP email use the amp-accordion component. It creates a questions and answers section that expands or collapses so that you can display more information in a limited space. Use the amp-form and amp-list component to embed a dynamic chatbot that fetches scripted answers in real time and instantly offers information.

7. Collect data for targeted communication

To drive maximum engagement, you need personalized communication, which in turn depends on segmentation. The more detailed the data, the better the segmentation. 

Collect data on critical points such as distribution systems, product categories, shipping routes, warehousing requirements, and more. 

Offer simple or multi-step forms that have autocomplete text fields for quicker inputs. Use the amp-form and the amp-autocomplete components.

8. Offer personalized deals/rewards

Use insights from the collected data to send personalized deals. Offer rewards for reaching journey milestones or crossing a fixed billing amount. This can trigger more bookings.

Keep your customers hooked. Build an email series with animated images using the amp-anim component. Deliver vastly customized emails that have interactive elements such as scratch cards, spin-the-wheel, logistics puzzles, etc. Explore all the possibilities of the amp-bind and amp-mustache components.

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Written By: Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen
Assistant Manager - Content Strategist