Marketing Channel Activation

Craft real-time campaigns on
our integrated customer engagement platform

Deliver data-driven, 1:1 messages on email, app push notifications, SMS, web messages, etc.

Build personalized customer journeys
Engage better via an omnichannel strategy
Let AI optimize campaign send-times & channels
Deliver relevant product recommendations
Make the most of your customer data
Orchestrate impactful customer journeys
Create relevant marketing campaigns basis customer actions, inactions, and lifecycle stages - in minutes - with our drag-and-drop journey builder.
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Harness multi-channel marketing
Personalize customer engagement across 9 different channels of communication. Tweak your channel mix to maximize revenues and retention.
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Engage audiences on their preferred channel
Use data-backed insights and our predictive AI capabilities to send cross-device campaigns only on channels of your customers’ choice.
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Boost app push notification delivery rates by 45%
Our industry-leading Smart Push feature allows you to maximize deliverability and app DAUs across smartphone devices.
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Personalize website experiences, in real-time
Turn your static website into a dynamic digital experience by catering to each visitor’s live and historical tastes, preferences, and behaviors.
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Our customers love CDP
CMOs, Growth Hacker, and PMs at customer-centric companies of every size and industry rely on Netcore.
Leading sports retail with 200+ stores, web & app channels.

As part of its selling portfolio it has a large number of leading Sports brands spanning across categories of footwear, sneakers, apparels, sports, accessories, and many more.
One of the largest QSR brands in Malaysia

The client is one of the largest QSR brand in Malaysia with over 350+ outlets that provide traditional dine-in and the brand also provides delivery through their website, app channels.

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