8 AMP emails that entertain, engage and sell for the OTT industry
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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8 AMP emails that entertain, engage and sell for the OTT industry

Published : December 22, 2022

OTT has gone from a niche hipster option to the primary substitute for TV. Thanks to OTTs, you no longer “watch” content; you “binge” on it. There are more than 300 OTT providers in the United States alone. These days, when you tell someone about a new show or movie, the most common response is, “Where can I stream it?”

However, we’re already seeing the emergence of subscription fatigue – too many services with too much content fragmentation, requiring customers to subscribe to multiple platforms to watch what they want. It’s become a challenge for OTT portals to keep viewers engaged, interested, and coming back to stream content.

From a marketer’s perspective, email is still the best communication channel to achieve all those three objectives. Email gives up to $38 ROI for every $1 spent. And things have gotten better. You can now supercharge your emails to deliver even more astonishing results.

What exactly are these supercharged emails? We will help you take a hard look at AMP emails right here.

AMP emails offer a set of dynamic and interactive capabilities that will make your customers sit up and take notice of your messaging. Every time.

As capable as a website or an app, AMP emails offer unique and personalized customer experiences. Every action happens within the inbox, with no website redirects for customers. Results are outstanding: zero drop-offs, higher user engagement, improved conversions, and increased ROI.

Here are eight result-oriented AMP emails for the OTT industry players to supercharge customer experiences and accelerate wins for their marketing campaigns.

1. Simplify your processes for the uses

Sign-ups and payments are the two most essential things for OTTs. Make them as easy as possible for your users. They should also be able to create profiles and preferences with equal ease. Offer sign-ups and payments right inside email by using amp-form. You can bring a lot more services to the users’ inboxes. Some examples of what you can do within AMP emails are:

  • Offer easy payment options for those who leave sign-up processes mid-way (use amp-selector)
  • Alert for membership renewal, reminders and preferences update options for those nearing subscription expiry (use amp-list and amp-timeago)
  • Facilitate one-click options to cancel subscriptions for those who wish to opt out (use amp-selector)
  • Promote information on subscription plans and content organization via clickable sections that collapse and expand for easy viewing (use amp-accordion)

2. Encourage users to explore your content

Everything should be convenient and enjoyable for users, from searching for content to diving deeper into content suggestions. Bring the entire experience inside their email. Make content consumption a breeze.

Use amp-list, amp-autocomplete, and amp-selector to create search bars and drop-down menus that make finding content quick and easy. Use amp-mustache and amp-bind to offer suggestions that get personalized and updated in real-time.

Use amp-sidebar to display categories of movies, TV shows, documentaries and sports, and allow viewers to arrange titles on “my list.”

3. Nudge your viewers to take action

Have new episodes, returning series, trending, and coming-soon content to promote? Send “We think this is for you” suggestions. Make them enjoyable with amp-img to display GIF snippets. You can also do this for updates, news, and sports based on your viewer’s preferences.

Let users update their watchlists with a “Add to the library” option within AMP email. Use the amp-carousel and the amp-selector components to achieve the library updates.

4. Showcase persuasive offers and discounts

Scarcity and fear of missing out are the most powerful drivers. Create a sense of urgency by sending coupons (for sign-ups, holiday treats, refer-a-friend, longer-term subscriptions, and other similar offers) with time limits on their validity.

Use amp-timeago to include a countdown timer in the email to show the “time left” to use the coupon. The time counter will auto-update whenever users open their email.

Bring exciting games within your emails through amp-form and amp-selector. Create in-email quizzes, word games, and spin-the-wheel that users can play within email and win offers and discounts.

5. Collect reviews, ratings, and feedback

Know your subscribers’ likes and interests to give them the best-fit recommendations. Once subscribers find your suggestions worthy, they will engage with your emails even more. To give viewers the best possible experience, getting their feedback is critical.

Use amp-form and amp-selector to send multi-question surveys within emails. Add images and exciting descriptions to make your surveys and feedback forms for viewer preferences. These two components also let people type in their reviews or click on stars for rating without leaving their email.

Survey & Product Review Lead Generation

6. Download and rent on the go

If you have content that users can download to stream offline later or watch anywhere, let them do it from email. You can save them the trouble of redirecting to your site and logging in. Likewise, you can allow users to rent a movie and pay for it via email. You can also offer premieres before the weekend, similar to movie releases. (Use the amp-selector and the amp-mustache.)

7. Promote seasonal content

Occasions like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., draw viewers to movies based on themes. Create animated promos about festivals and current happenings in a way that will attract a response. Use amp-anim to share memes, show teasers, and drop hints to draw viewers’ attention to your unique occasion content.

8. Allow quick troubleshooting

The last thing you want is for your subscribers to face trouble watching a favorite movie or series. Use AMP components to quickly solve their queries within email – no redirecting to a website, no asking for customer care calls. Use amp-form and amp-autocomplete to provide a search bar into which viewers can input their questions or error code to get instant answers.

You can also use amp-bind to build in-email chatbots that immediately guide users for commonly encountered issues. Additionally, use amp-accordion to insert FAQs in a collapsible format – users click on each question, and it expands to show the detailed answers.

Summing it up

By implementing AMP emails, OTT businesses can create an engaging and interactive environment and take customer communication to the next level. Use AMP components to showcase and market content, make viewing suggestions, resolve issues, and collect payment right inside emails. Make user interactions quick and easy with AMP emails to increase conversion and boost your ROI.

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