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From campaign title optimizer to web personalization ROI calculator
to email subject line optimizer, we have a boutique of very handy utilities
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Craft campaign titles across
channels that engage and convert
Calculate revenue uplift
with web personalization ROI calculator
More inboxing? Use GradeMyEmail
to win the game of email deliverability

A plethora of marketing utilities

AI Content Generator

Create attention-grabbing email subject lines and other short-form content in seconds. Let AI assist you in generating short form content for all your communication channels!
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AI-led Image Recognition System

Understand what your users truly love and sell more by automating your product image analysis with Netcore’s AI engine, Raman!

Grade my email

Want more inboxing? GradeMyEmail shows you how to win the game of email deliverability
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Web personalization ROI calculator

Know how much improvement in website conversion rate and monthly revenue can be achieved by using Netcore's AI-powered Web Personalization

Personalization Assessment Form

Personalization makes your ecommerce store stand out. Whether you have an in-house personalization team or use a third-party solution, take this quick quiz and determine your personalization score.
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