9 ways EdTech brands can use AMP emails to drive signups and differentiate learner experience
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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9 ways EdTech brands can use AMP emails to drive signups and differentiate learner experience

Published : September 15, 2022

Email is one of the most engaging channels that EdTech brands can use to reach their existing learners and potential subscribers. However, most users do not have the patience to read long, boring emails or click links for redirection to complete the required action. Any EdTech brand that wants to increase its conversion and retention needs to start using AMP emails.

AMP emails allow the learners to complete a whole range of interactions like getting more information, onboarding, trial course application, taking tests, getting progress updates, course completion status, new course recommendations etc., without leaving the email. AMP emails use interactive and dynamic elements like forms, accordions, carousels, games, and more to create a compelling email experience.

This post looks at how EdTech brands can tap into the power of AMP emails to enhance their learner experience, improve their marketing, and increase revenue from existing and new subscribers.

1. Onboarding new learners

Onboarding is an excellent opportunity for the EdTech brands to reassure new learners that they have made the right decision. 

AMP media components like amp-anim allow brands to showcase the scope and value of their products using animated images or carousels with multiple images. For example, a series of welcome emails that feature animated images of different course elements and benefits can be highly effective. Likewise, an amp-carousel can allow the learner to swipe through multiple images to know more about the value additions of the course.

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2. Free trial course application

Most leading EdTech brands like Udemy, Chegg, and Coursera offer free trials to give learners a feel of their platforms before signing up.

EdTech brands can use amp-form to make the trial course application quick and easy and reduce drop-offs. Amp emails allow the learners to instantly fill out credentials and choose the courses they want to try without being redirected to the parent website.


3. Detailed course descriptions

AMP emails with amp-accordion allow the inclusion of large content such as the entire syllabus and its different elements in a limited space. 

For example, the course description email will typically include sections like the introduction to the course, schedules, and learning outcomes. The amp-accordion component displays a content outline with expandable and collapsible sections that learners can navigate to access different sections within email. Some brands also use amp-carousel to create a detailed slideshow presentation.

4. Live testimonials from learners

Social proof gives EdTech brands a competitive edge, and AMP makes it easy to include live testimonials from other learners within emails.

The brands can also use in-mail amp forms to request testimonials from current and former learners and display them on their marketing emails as social proof. They can embed layout components like the amp-sidebar to link to social channels where the learners can see more testimonials by clicking a button.


5. Conduct tests and assessments

Interactive amp-forms make it easy for EdTech brands to conduct multiple-choice question tests using the amp-form component. Learners can then choose answers from the list and submit the response within emails.

AMP emails also make it possible for the learners to get real-time status on their test/assessment results. The amp-list component can display updated scores fetched from backend data whenever the learner opens the email.


6. Interactive chatbots to engage better

AMP emails can use interactive chatbots to respond to learner queries and collect feedback without redirecting the learners to a website.

Brands can use components like amp-form and amp-bind to build interactive chatbots. Amp-forms allow the learners to submit queries, and amp-bind helps use their actions and data to ensure they get relevant responses.


7. Customizing content as per user preferences

AMP email components allow customization of email content based on specific learner preferences to enhance user experience.

For example, EdTech brands can use amp-bind to customize interaction by altering images and placeholders in response to learners’ actions. The brands can also use amp-mustache to personalize the emails further, like adding the learner’s name or offering tailored rewards based on previous interactions.

8. Gamified offers to encourage sign-ups

Gamification is an effective tool for getting new customers and retaining existing ones. EdTech brands can customize gamified offers based on user preferences and data collected from their actions. 

For example, EdTech brands can send emails with a puzzle or ‘spin the wheel’ game; when the user solves or plays, they get free access to a subject-relevant workshop or win a discount on a subscription to a course that they have been exploring.


9. Personalized course recommendations

AMP emails can help by making it easy for the EdTech brands to offer more personalized course recommendations based on user preferences and data. 

The brands can use a combination of AMP components for this. For example, amp-form and amp-list can allow them to collect data on learner interests. Additionally, the amp-bind component will alter elements like text and images when users take action, ensuring they get recommendations based on their preference.


AMP emails provide more interactive and engaging content to help EdTech brands remain ahead of the competition. With a well-structured AMP email marketing campaign, it will be easier for EdTech brands to nudge new learners to subscribe to their products and enhance the user experience of the existing learners.

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Written By: Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan
Senior Product Specialist