The 12-point guide for using AMP emails to drive conversions in the travel and hotel sectors
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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The 12-point guide for using AMP emails to drive conversions in the travel and hotel sectors

Published : October 11, 2022

Email communication is continuously evolving and shape-shifting the way information is exchanged. And AMP has revolutionized the ever-changing email marketing scenario. This technology brings a website/app-like interactive experience right within emails. AMP emails also empower a business with zero-party data collection that leads to smart marketing based on predictive customer behavior.

Recent studies indicate that using AMP in emails increases user response up to 87%, user engagement up to 225% and conversion rate up to 82%. These facts prove without doubt that AMP is a must-have tool to boost email marketing campaigns in all businesses including the highly competitive travel and hotel sectors. 

AMP use cases are not industry-specific; they are versatile and dynamic enough to meet the needs of all business verticals. Yet, the travel industry can benefit the most from them. Let us explore some exciting ways AMP emails can improve user engagement and increase ROI.

Here are some of the things that can happen right within AMP emails for the travel and hotel sectors:

Seat selection and ticket booking

  • amp-selector, amp-form, amp-list and amp-mustache facilitate the display of live seat maps, offer personalized recommendations, show bundled options (seat upgrades) and enable bookings on the fly. They can also present travel route options, ticket types, baggage rules etc., for quick decision-making.

Getting to know your audience better

  • amp-accordion, amp-selector and amp-form create a great first impression and profile your leads and customers in detail. Introduce your brand with dynamic welcome emails, ask for user preferences, present your chatbot, collect feedback and do much more.

Real-time tracking to help your users stay updated

  • amp-list and amp-selector can do away with uncertain waiting in the lobby, pickup points, common areas etc. Users can track flights, buses, trains and cabs in real-time, right within emails and make any required change conveniently.

Presenting travel plan promotions 

  • amp-img, amp-anim and amp-carousel enable travel companies to deliver their travel promotions using attractive images within the email itself. The images provide a quick introduction to the itineraries and nudge users to pick their choice from the snapshots visually.  

Enabling one-step hotel check-ins/check-outs

  • amp-selector and amp-form in emails allow users to view their hotel stay information and perform check-ins and check-outs in a single go. With no click-throughs or redirects, the experience proves completely hassle-free and enhances user experience.

Adding travel packages to the cart

  • amp-selector enables users to select packages from promotions and add them to the cart for check-out. They can also add, remove, customize and update their tour packages straight from the emails; making it as good as a website experience. 

Searching itineraries and making inquiries

  • amp-autocomplete helps users search, inquire and clarify doubts regarding their travel plans and packages. It guides users to identify relevant questions more quickly and navigates them to appropriate content sections.

Displaying live travel plan updates

  • amp-list offers live map locations, nearby news, and essential tour package updates that make the customer experience compelling. Users can get alerts even about sudden changes in weather and choose to reschedule travel plans at the last minute, from within emails.

Promoting travel add-ons and extras

  • When a user subscribes to a travel plan or tour package, the amp-sidebar shows them similar package options and related travel promotions that match their interest. This convenience helps travel brands effectively up-sell their products and services.

Offering an interactive help desk

  • amp-form and amp-accordion can create an easy customer care service with 24/7 interactive chatbots to give customers the best-in-class experience within an email. So your customers can now get instant help and suggestions without an extra click to the website or to the helpline.

Knowing user preferences and customization 

  • amp-mustache allows users to easily choose their preferences and personalize their emails as per their needs and interests. Brands can segment customers on various criteria and send 100% relevant emails that are sure to result in conversions. 

Collecting quick customer feedback 

  • amp-form embedded within emails makes more users submit their feedback easily and instantly. It can provide pre-set elements like star ratings, radio buttons and a text field for open-ended narrative comments.


The success of travel industry promotions depends on direct and instant communication with your customers. AMP emails are interactive and dynamic. They offer the perfect solution to attract, engage and convert users by bringing a website/app-like experience within the inbox.

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Written By: Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan
Senior Product Specialist