Netcore Cloud For App Driven Start-ups - India

The Only Retention Platform
Your Apps Needs

No code tools to help segment, analyse, engage & build a personalised experience.

Our Clients Improve All Metrics That Matter
Enhance User Activations
Improve Day 7 Retention
Improve Daily Active Users
Increase Conversion
No Code Tools Packaged Specifically For App Driven Startups To Understand Users Deeply, Personalise User Experience On App and Send Contextual & Personalised Push Notifications
Nudge users to take actions relevant to them
Improve retention & engagement by taking users attention to different features & menu options using the different nudge types.
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Contextual Walkthroughs On App
Onboard new users faster & better with contextual walk throughts to show them around your app.
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Deep Segmentation Engine
Use "and" & "or" functions to use any number of rules based on all events & attributes to segment users.

Automate Retargeting With User Journeys Orchestration
Automate retargeting with flow chart UI, design user journeys & trigger push notifications or emails, based on events users perform
Example: Push notification reminder before a class begins.
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Personalised Rich Push Notifications
Send personalised & contextual push notifications with rich media like images, gifs or videos & product remomendations & personalised offers to increase conversions.
360 Degree User View
Get a 360 degree user view in a timeline format with attributes and all actions user has performed on the app, website, emails & push notifications.
User Path Analytics
With start and end user path analytics, find how users flow on your app & recreate the winning flow for your other users.
Customer Engagement

RFM Analytics
Users are buckedted into segments like engaged users, likely to churn, loyal customers and more based on recency, frequency and monetary valued from the users. You can setup different campaigns for each segment of users.
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No Code Tools Packaged Specifically For App Driven Startups To Understand Users Deeply,
Personalise User Experience On App & Send Contextual & Personalised Push Notifications

Use tooltip or beacon as persistent nudge to remind users to complete profile/KYC

Product walkthrough for new users using tooltips & highlights

Reintroduce Next Steps To Funnel Drop Outs, Using Highlight, Beacon

Pz promotional nudges at the right time

Monthly Pricing
Package & Pricing Designed For Early Stage App Driven Start-Ups In India

Starting up

MAU 0 - 10K


Early Stage

MAU 10 - 25K

INR 15,000

Growth Stage

MAU 25 - 50K

INR 35,000

Scaling Up

MAU 50 - 100K

INR 70,000

What’s included?

  • Deep Segmentation
  • User Analytics
  • User Journey Orchestration
  • Unlimited App Push Notifications
  • 1 Lakh Free Emails Per Month
  • Nudges & Contextual Walkthroughs
  • AB Testing
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Onboarding Support
  • Scheduled Office Hours
  • Paid Add Ons - Whatsapp, SMS
  • Additional Email Charged Extra at INR 0.03
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Start-Ups winning with contextual nudges,
walkthroughs and personalized push notifications
App-driven startups across industries like fintech, edtech,
health and fitness, and more use Netcore Cloud products to up their customer engagement game
We use the entire Netcore Product Experience suite across our app and our website and find the whole concept behind Netcore Product Experience to be very innovative and ground-breaking.
Sanjeev Kumar
SVP, Product
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We improved our adoption, conversions numbers and cut down countless developer hours.
Phanish Gururaj
SVP, Product
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Netcore No-code Product Experience Platform has been instrumental in helping our Product teams move at the insane speeds they operate in. Every feature & widget in our app can be rolled out, rolled back, A/B tested, and highlighted for specific users - all in a matter of minutes.
Sishir Kolli
SVP, Product
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Other leading brands empowering customer engagement using Netcore
Steps To Get Started
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Get a callback (+demo)

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Login to your panel & complete API & SDK integration in 2 days, max

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How long does it take to integrate Netcore Cloud and do I need a software developer? Dropdown Arrow

• Yes. You will need a developer for the integration. Duration for integration depends on few factors like the technical skill of the developer, having events ready to be passed, atleast the ones needed for the usecases you want to start off with.

• Having said that, the integration process is quite simple. You can easily follow the step by step documentation you can find here.

• You will also get support from our end through your integration process & we will also help with the testing. You can reach out to your point of contact within our team to set up a tech support call.

How do you calculate monthly Billable MAU, and what’s a data point? Dropdown Arrow

• Billable MAU is a combination of MAU (monthly active users) and data points.

• If a user performs an action in a calendar month, they are counted as an MAU. A data point is an event, event property, or profile property update.

• The total monthly bill amount is based on whichever is highest:

• MAU tier limit as defined on your plan,

• The Actual MAU usage, or

• Processed MAU, which is the total data points used divided by allowed data points per MAU. A total of 2000 data points are allowed per MAU. In most cases, users perform fewer than 2,000 data points per month.

Who can signup for the startups package? Dropdown Arrow

• The package is currently applicable only to start-ups in India

• For early stage startups with less than 100K current monthly active users

• The package is not applicable for exisiting customers

• This particular package of products is suited for app driven startups (with or without websites)

• If you have an ecommerce or d2c startup - Please do reach out to us here

What kind of support will I get? Dropdown Arrow

• Netcore is known for our support. You can find evidence of it online.

• You will have a point of contact from the Netcore startups business unit for anything.

• We will arrange for tech support over zoom, as per your need, during the integration process. Our tech team will also help with testing.

• We will also arrange scheduled office hours for support with campaigns strategy.