Start-Ups exclusive
retention, conversion and engagement program

App-driven startup? Less than 75,000 Monthly Active Users? Facing low engagement, low retention and new user onboarding issues?

Integrate within minutes
Segment users based on
attributes and events
Personalize user experience on app
with nudges and contextual walkthroughs
Send personalized and
contextual push notifications
Nudge users to take actions relevant to them
Use different nudge types like tool tips, beacons, highlights, feedback with rating, multi-choice questionnaire and many more to personalize user experience for different user segments. Activate more users, improve retention and feature adoption by taking users' attention to different features and menu options

Introduce your app to new users through contextual walkthroughs
Onboard new users faster by showing them around your app, using contextual walkthroughs. Use customized walkthroughs to user segments, and lead them to app sections that are relevant to them
Orchestrate user journeys to trigger push notifications based on user actions
Use flow chart type user interface to design user flow on your app and set triggers for push notifications when users perform (or don't perform) certain actions. For example, you can orchestrate a user journey for a class booking and send a push notifications to all those who have booked a specific class right before it starts

Send personalized rich push notifications
Send contextual personalized push notifications with rich media like images, gifs or videos and product recommendations and offers. Contextual and personalized push notifications lead to increased click through rates and app open rates
Get a 360 degree user view
See detailed profiles of each user. View their attributes, events they have performed on the app, their reaction to the marketing communication sent to them, their purchase and browsing history, all in a timeline view.

User path analytics
Analyze the paths users take between specific start and end points. Understand the most popular paths taken by majority of users, and replicate the same for your new users
RFM analytics
Users are bucketed into segments like engaged users, likely to churn, loyal customers and more based on Recency , Frequency, and Monetary value from the users. You can set up different campaigns for each segment of users
Start-Ups winning with contextual nudges,
walkthroughs and personalized push notifications
App-driven startups across industries like fintech, edtech,
health and fitness, and more use Netcore Cloud products to up their customer engagement game
I have never experienced such hands-on and value-driven service from any other ESP. They are more invested in making our program a success from the beginning to the end.
Josh Everett
V.P. Operations
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We use the entire Netcore Product Experience suite across our app and our website and find the whole concept behind Netcore Product Experience to be very innovative and ground-breaking.
Sanjeev Kumar
SVP, Product
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We improved our adoption, conversions numbers and cut down countless developer hours.
Phanish Gururaj
SVP, Product
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By switching to Netcore, our user engagement went up 1.5x and unique open rates by over 2x. We also achieved 95% Primary Inboxing in Gmail while unique click rates doubled in just six months. Our moment of delight was when a recent email campaign (with a user base of millions) fetched us an open rate of 25% & CTR of 7% which is unheard of in email marketing.
Sudeep Bansal
AVP Digital and Retention Marketing, Swiggy
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Netcore No-code Product Experience Platform has been instrumental in helping our Product teams move at the insane speeds they operate in. Every feature & widget in our app can be rolled out, rolled back, A/B tested, and highlighted for specific users - all in a matter of minutes.
Sishir Kolli
SVP, Product
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Netcore’s support and dedication mainly with the recent “I Heart Beauty sale” which is one of the biggest sales in the year has been commendable. The team helped achieve business priorities & enhance our campaign performance. We have witnessed 3X growth in revenue & 5X growth in reachability in just 30 days from email campaigns
Neha Malhan
Director Retention
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