Use Cases
Product Experience demo station

Discover the no-code
Product Experience dashboard

Deploy no-code contextual nudges & walkthroughs with speed & agility

Watch the no-code product experience dashboard in action
Part 1: Introduction to the demo app
Browse through online shopping, product listing, and product display pages on the demo app and explore different use cases

Part 2: Introduction to the dashboard for creating nudge journeys
Add nudge journey details and set up key events (add_to_cart, product_viewed etc) to define goals
Part 3: Flowchart to add no-code walkthroughs
Start by defining your audience - all users or a segment of users

Part 4: Create specific user segments
Set-up specific segments using our robust segment builder
Part 5: Nudge roll-out strategy
Choose from the multiple ways available to roll-out nudges & walkthroughs

Part 6: Define your nudge type
Select the nudge type from the constantly evolving vast nudge library
Part 7: Create and customize nudges
Drop nudges at any app element and edit the nudge colour, text, font, size and much more

Part 8: Set triggers for deploying nudges & walkthroughs
Use existing events to trigger a nudge/series of nudges and define nudge frequency
Part 9: Nudges in action
Get the look and feel of nudges going live

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