8 ways in which AMP emails increase ROI for the media and publishing industries
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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8 ways in which AMP emails increase ROI for the media and publishing industries

Published : October 4, 2022

According to several experts, users expect marketing emails from media and publishing houses to be much more engaging and interactive than those from other industries. They prefer emails that share a lot of information in bite-sized snippets.  

In response, media and publishing industries are increasingly adopting AMP emails to enable users to search for content, make purchases, renew existing subscriptions and offer ratings and suggestions – all within emails. They are achieving lower drop-off rates and generating more leads with AMP emails as users complete all the actions within the inbox without getting redirected to external pages.

Read on for a quick overview of the 8 unique AMP email experiences that media and publishing brands can offer users to drive conversions.

1. Search, select and book ad space

AMP emails support the integration of an in-email search bar with the amp-select component. Users can quickly search and select ad space with the search bar and the autocomplete feature in text fields. They can then use a multi-step form to enter the details and credentials to finalize the booking.

2. Buy or renew subscriptions

The amp-list component, combined with amp-form, makes it possible for customers to buy a subscription within an email. Amp-list pulls live data into the mail to give customers an update on their subscription status. Amp-form enables them to submit the required information without visiting an external page.

3. View dynamic book catalogs

The amp-list component lets customers view updated book catalogs in real-time. Any changes in the catalog, i.e., new books getting added or old books going out of stock, are updated live using a combination of the amp-list and amp-mustache components.

4. Get prompted for events and special issues

The amp-list component displays reminders about upcoming events or special issues by dynamically updating the details using backend data. Amp-timeago creates excitement for a forthcoming event by including a timer that counts down to D-day.

5. Give feedback on content and features

Customers can easily give their feedback/opinion on the coverage, reading experience, suggestions on inclusions/exclusions and more using interactive forms created by the amp-form component. Components like amp-bind allow users to submit star ratings or NPS in a few clicks.

6. Receive personalized advertising discounts and coupons

The amp-mustache component enables subscribers to get customized offers and promotions. The amp-bind component helps build scratch cards and spin-the-wheel within emails; these can create hype around deals and offers.

7. Get real-time, in-email support for issues

Subscribers don’t need to click links to external pages to get help, as AMP emails allow live chatbot integration. These chatbots, coupled with interactive forms (created with the amp-form and amp-list components), enable subscribers to get a help desk experience within emails.

8. Make quick and easy payments

With the amp-selector component, subscribers can book ads, choose subscription options, order books, and proceed to checkout without leaving the mail. Also, AMP emails can save progress, making it easy to come back and check out later in case a subscriber exits midway.


AMP emails allow media and publishing industries to communicate in a manner that is more visually appealing and interactive. They also help subscribers complete all the actions without leaving their inboxes. Result: lower drop-off rates, increased conversions and, ultimately, a successful email campaign with a higher ROI.

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