8 reasons why AMP emails are the fantasy sports marketers’ dream
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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8 reasons why AMP emails are the fantasy sports marketers’ dream

Published : November 22, 2022 | Updated : May 23, 2024

The fantasy sports market is projected to grow to about US$ 47.94 billion by 2028. That’s not surprising since the ability to pick out players, build teams, and participate in virtual matches offers a unique, close-to-the-real-thing experience that online sports enthusiasts won’t pass up. 

Like in any other domain, fantasy sports users need to be nurtured, engaged, entertained, and assisted. You need to onboard new users conveniently and retain existing users amidst stiff competition.

Email marketing is a time-tested method to achieve these goals, especially if you use AMP components within them. AMP emails, with their dynamic and interactive capabilities, can give the users a website or app-like experience.

This article reveals eight AMP email strategies proven to get you outstanding results as a fantasy sports app or platform. It explains how to use a powerful array of amp components to add visual appeal and informative value to every marketing email you send. 

You can ensure greater user interest, engagement, retention, and participation – all happening right inside your emails.

Simplify new user onboarding

When new users register, ensure they get all critical information in your welcome email –  in eye-catching, easy-to-consume formats.

Use amp-accordion to detail the initial steps players can take to get started – choose a sport, pick players, build a team, join a game, make necessary payments, etc. You can also use the component to better display the set of rules for the specific game they are looking for. You can even use amp-bind and amp-img to create an invitation for a mock match – especially useful for users new to fantasy sports. 

Include the amp-autocomplete component for autofill text fields and search bars in your emails. Players can use them to quickly complete the registration formalities or search for what to do next.

Showcase player profiles

One of the compelling features of fantasy sports apps is allowing users to pick virtual players and create teams. For this, they must choose from a roster of players at various performance levels.

Use amp-carousel to showcase the player profiles with appealing visuals in tow so that they quickly attract attention. Users can swipe through the images until they find the players of their choice.

Displaying player stats – selecting ratio, previous performance, run scores, current form, etc. – requires quite a bit of text. Use amp-fit-text and amp-sidebar to display all necessary information without taking up too much screen space.

To make player choices easier, use amp-selector to create drop-down menus, checkboxes and radio buttons that accept one-click inputs from users. It further reduces friction and lets users build their team within your emails – no more redirects to apps or websites.

Gather user intentions upfront

Once the user has picked a preliminary team and gotten a taste of the app, it is beneficial to collect data on what they are looking for: which other sport they wish to play, what player strengths they prefer, what kind of contests they would be interested in, how much they are willing to spend, etc. It lets you enhance their gaming experience with more positive results.

Use amp-form and amp-selector components to create easy-to-fill, detailed forms within your emails to collect insights from users. They can input preferences on the go, without needing to visit your app or website.

Make spot-on recommendations

If a user’s preferences are known, it’s easier to make recommendations that are more likely to receive a positive response.

Based on the user intent data already collected, recommend specific players, matches (to join or follow), contests, quizzes, etc. Use amp-anim and amp-img to present choices through catchy images and/or GIFs. Display multiple images in a swiping format with amp-carousel to save screen space. Or use amp-mustache to fetch data in real time and display personalized recommendations right inside your emails.

Clarify legal obligations/compliances

Most fantasy sports apps allow users to wager money on matches, which may put them under legal gambling regulations. These regulations vary between regions, states, countries, and continents – and the customers need to know what those are.

You can convey and explain these compliances in a quick and easy manner within your emails. The AMP components to use would be amp-img (high-res, fast-loading images), amp-anim (GIFs and animated elements), amp-sidebar (navigational content placed along the side of the email layout), amp-fit-text (content accommodated within limited screen space), and amp-accordion (content provided in expandable/collapsible sections).

Facilitate easy payments

Users must pay for the players they want on their team. Naturally, celebrated, in-form players will cost more, while fresh, less-experienced, or non-regular players cost less. Payments can be in the form of in-app ‘credits’ (which you buy) or direct monetary transfers.

Combine amp-form and amp-selector to create user-friendly payment portals within your emails with drop-down options and one-click selections. Don’t forget to include in-email search bars created with amp-autocomplete. They help customers find what they want with a single keyword or phrase, without leaving their inboxes.

Provide real-time data on matches

You can add an element of excitement with a countdown timer in your emails using amp-timeago that shows time left for the match to begin. Once a match is on, all users who have joined should be able to follow along on the leaderboard to see how they are doing against the competition. They shouldn’t have to log into the app whenever they want to check their score. 

Use the amp-list component to provide this information within emails. The amp-list component makes the content dynamic so that the information gets updated each time users open their emails. They can monitor the entire match performance right from their inbox.

Gamify to re-engage inactive users

Every app or platform has to deal with inactive users and re-engaging them should take absolute priority. To start with, delve into the inactive players’ app usage patterns and the preferences they had outlined when they first joined. Look at their past playing patterns, the games they’ve competed in, players they’ve selected, favorite teams, and your sports calendar.

Leverage the above data to create games and rewards using amp components and get inactive users interested in the app again. For example, if a user is a ManU fan, and a ManU match is coming up, combine amp-bind and amp-img to create virtual doors for a “what’s behind the door?” game. Behind each door can be a star ManU player that users can add to their team for free (or at a discounted price) if they play the game.

Take this further with quizzes, wordle games, puzzles, spin-the-wheel, and many others you can quickly build with amp components and offer within your gamified emails.

Wrapping up

AMP emails have unmatched potential to nurture, assist, convert, and re-engage users, thus contributing to lower churn rates and a happier customer base. When you use them strategically, AMP emails foster user engagement, reduce drop-offs, ramp up conversions, and yield increased ROI. Send interesting, and interactive AMP emails and witness unprecedented results. 

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Written By: Puneet Mahajan
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