How Fashion Retailers Can Use AMP Emails to Improve their Marketing Campaigns
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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How Fashion Retailers Can Use AMP Emails to Improve their Marketing Campaigns

Published : October 4, 2022

Most fashion retailers count on email marketing to promote their products; it offers a broad reach, costs less, and yields a high ROI. The very nature of the fashion industry demands that its marketing emails must be livelier and more exciting compared to others.

What is the best way to go about creating such emails?

Adopt AMP emails – they have a tremendous visual appeal, act like an app or website, and allow your customers to engage and interact without leaving the inbox.

Not needing to click links or redirect to an external page also means fewer drop-offs. Most users convert or, at the least, get qualified as valuable leads within emails. 

Overall, AMP emails make the marketing message stand out and easy to interact with; they maximize the impact and ensure the campaign’s success.

Let’s explore 10 ways fashion retailers can use AMP email for maximum conversions and ROI.

1. Put up a visually gratifying display of collections

Use amp-carousel, amp-anim, and amp-img-lightbox to liven up the images. Showcase the creations with different perspectives and moving views of apparel.

2. Share product catalogs that get updated in real-time

Include amp-list to update the product list in real-time. Ensure the customers always see what is available in stock for placing orders or back orders.

3. Keep customers hooked with preferred label choices

Collect data on customers’ fashion preferences using amp-form. Segment the data using amp-form to personalize recommendations and offers.

4. Show how designers stack up against each other

Embed amp-selector and carousel to compare brands, designs, and variants. Allow customers to select and view them side-by-side and make an informed choice.

5. Remind about the good things left behind

Combine amp-list (for dynamic data), amp-img (for images), amp-sidebar (for reviews, links). Show pending items, images, and buyer reviews to nudge conversion.

6. Create eagerness for upcoming sales and promos

Include the amp-timeago component for timestamps/timers. Create excitement about the time left for the D-day or instill urgency about the time left for the offer to end.

7. Make it easy to search for clothing lines

Have a search bar with amp-autocomplete to suggest items based on a keyword/phrase. Make searches faster and better with a website/app-like capability.

8. Make shopping as much fun as choosing

Use components like amp-bind to create trivia and puzzles based on fashion themes. Give your customers the joy of winning an exclusive offer or discount.

Incorporate amp-form to collect customer opinions on the hot and trending choices. Use insights to stock up or highlight on your website as featured collections.

10. Help track real-time order status within emails

Send emails with amp-list and amp-timeago that dynamically update the information.  Allow customers to track their order status from dispatch to door delivery.


AMP email components allow fashion brands and retailers to send more exciting, interactive, and engaging marketing emails that encourage customers to buy within emails. When used correctly, AMP emails can lead to lower drop-offs, higher conversions, and increased ROI.

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