10 things that AMP emails can do to drive conversions for the food tech brands
Written by
Jasmine Handa

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10 things that AMP emails can do to drive conversions for the food tech brands

Published : September 1, 2022

Email marketing can be highly effective and has one of the highest returns on investment. Most email campaigns feature conventional HTML emails that require customers to click links to other pages to complete the necessary action; most don’t, and the drop-off rates become pretty high. Besides, when the content is too long, few finish reading and miss the CTA typically placed at the end.

AMP emails deal with all such shortcomings with their ability to be interactive and dynamic. They allow the customers to complete all the required actions right inside emails and display more interactive and engaging content elements like carousels, accordions, forms, and much more. 

AMP emails provide more product information in minimal space, and for the food tech industry, they allow customers to browse through extensive menus and place orders without leaving their inboxes. 

Many food delivery brands are now adopting AMP emails to make their messages more compelling. This post explores examples of AMP email use cases in the food tech industry.

1. Live status to show on-offer items and order status

Before AMP emails, a food tech brand would need to keep sending new emails to update customers on the latest offers or inform them of their order status. 

With AMP email, they can now dynamically update the email to show the real-time status of the items on offer. Here they use amp-list, a dynamic component that fetches backend data to display live updates. Any food item that is out of stock, delayed, etc., gets automatically updated whenever customers open their email.

For example, when you order something from a food tech brand, you can easily track the order status from dispatch to delivery by simply checking the live status on the email.

2. Gamified offers to nudge customers to take action

The chance to win something or get a discount by playing a game always pushes the customer to take action. AMP emails make it easy to create gamified offers using a dynamic component called AMP-bind. 

You can create customized games based on typical user actions, making your emails more exciting and engaging. For example, some food tech brands will generate trivia about the customer’s favorite food based on their previous purchase data and offer a chance to win a free meal or discount on their next order.

3. Product variations to give customers more options

AMP emails can allow the target audience to select more than one element from several options using a dynamic component like amp-selector. 

This component allows adding a menu of options to the emails. The users then only need to choose an element from several options. It becomes easy to create their meal combinations and sizes. For example, a combination of 2 large fries + 2 burgers + 1 liter of coke, with further add-ons, can be shown in an interactive manner within emails.

4. Live customer feeds to give the product social proof

Many people are influenced by what others say about a product on social media when purchasing. AMP emails make it possible to display live social feeds on emails, which can give the brand social proof and increase conversion rates.

Food tech brands that use AMP emails can use the amp-sidebar, a layout component, to link to what other customers share about food products.

5. Visual encouragement to tackle cart abandonment

Getting customers to complete the checkout of what’s already in their cart is easier than persuading them to make a new purchase. AMP emails make it quick and easy for customers to access their abandoned carts and complete their orders.

Food tech brands can use AMP emails to convince customers with more images, descriptions, user reviews, new offers, etc., to revisit their abandoned cart.

With dynamic AMP email components like amp-selector, it is easy to add menu items to emails, making it easy for the customer to locate and choose products they were interested in earlier but left without buying. They can then complete the purchase conveniently and quickly, without leaving the email.

6. Dynamic elements to showcase compelling information

AMP emails allow food tech brands to give customers more information about their chosen item and other products on the menu without using long, boring content. 

Dynamic components such as amp-img help include product images with more information such as available order sizes and variations. Also, a layout component like amp-carousel can help create a slideshow that displays multiple food products from different perspectives. AMP accordions feature dropdown information with only the food name showing as a thumbnail title; customers can choose and see more detailed information on the food items that interest them. 

Brands can also use amp-list to provide real-time product information. For example, they can use it to show what is available in the menu and what is sold out.

7. Website-like experience to search and select

AMP emails allow the customer to search for products within the email. For the food tech brands, it means making the regular food items, the day’s special, etc., from the menu searchable within their emails.

AMP allows emails to function like a mini-website with a built-in search bar that uses other components like amp-autocomplete to make it easy for customers to search and compare products within the email. With amp-autocomplete, the customers only need to type in a keyword or a few characters in the search bar to get predefined suggestions that make it easy to find what they want.

8. Summary and amount displays to enable quick checkout

Customers no longer have to leave their emails to finalize orders, as AMP emails allow them to do  everything from the inbox. 

Components like the amp-selector allow customers to choose what they want from the menu, and get a summary of their order and the amount; they only need to click the checkout button to make the payment and complete the order.

9. Personalized offers and suggestions to drive conversions

The interactive nature of AMP emails creates a more customized experience using user preferences from past buying patterns and data. 

Food tech brands can use information from what the customers bought in the past, what they view most, or left in their abandoned cart and create targeted custom offers. The amp-bind dynamic component helps in changing items in response to user interaction; amp-list can generate pre-defined food recommendations.

This dynamic component allows AMP emails to offer custom interactivity based on typical user actions and preferences and ensures the most relevant experiences. The dynamic component can continuously provide a personalized experience by altering text and images in response to the user’s actions.

10. Interactive chatbot to collect user feedback or surveys

Getting customer feedback has always been challenging, but AMP emails are now making this easier by including components like interactive chatbots and live interactive forms.

Besides collecting customer feedback, using AMP components like amp-form, it becomes easy to respond to queries such as late orders or a problem with the delivered foods. 

Such AMP components are now making it easy for food tech brands to collect zero-party data, conduct surveys, get customer comments, and request for ratings.


AMP is a comparatively new email technology, so few food tech brands have adopted it. There is still time to move in now and get an early advantage.

AMP emails will give food tech brands a competitive edge by allowing them to create more interactive and exciting content. They can also display the most recent and auto-updated information whenever the customers open their emails – irrespective of when they arrived in the inbox. Such messages push the customers to take the desired action, leading to lower drop-offs and higher conversions.

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Written By: Jasmine Handa