9 ways AMP emails can transform messaging in the healthcare industry
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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9 ways AMP emails can transform messaging in the healthcare industry

Published : November 16, 2022 | Updated : January 11, 2024

If you are in the healthcare industry, you will be familiar with the extent of complex, multichannel interactions it demands across patients, doctors, paramedics, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, insurance, and more.

Attempts at digitizing user engagement across various services have resulted in separate and multiple mobile apps. Besides the inconvenience, data sharing on several apps has increased the threats to security and privacy.

The ideal solution? A single email that does what a combination of apps can do, is most secure, and updates information in real-time whenever the user opens it.

Now, that’s an AMP email for you.

When you send AMP emails, users can take action right within their inbox; they do not have to click on a link and exit the mail to visit a webpage. User drop-offs become almost non-existent.

And the healthcare industry can benefit from AMP emails to keep its customers engaged and boost conversions. Let’s understand these benefits in detail.

9 benefits of AMP Emails in healthcare industry

Let’s explore nine ways you can best use AMP emails in healthcare sector. We will also mention the specific amp components you need to deploy to bring each functionality to your email.

1. Help users find a doctor/specialist:

AMP emails feature 24×7 chatbots that instantly offer relevant and specific health information in a logical sequence.

Patients can use a dropdown menu/checkbox (created with the amp-selector component) to select the ailment/specialty for which they need a consultation.

The chatbots fetch details (using the amp-list component) and display doctors that match the specialty and their timings/days for consultation.

Chat Survey

2. Enable users to schedule appointments/read reviews:

The combination of real-time data and in-email interaction makes it easy to book an appointment. With a functional search bar (using amp-autocomplete) within the email, users can quickly find and select medical professionals at a hospital at a particular date and time (using amp-list and amp-selector components).

AMP emails can also feature navigational content, additional links, and patient reviews without consuming too much space (created using the amp sidebar component).

You can even add screenshots of feedback and ratings to your email as social proofing (with the amp-carousel component).

Appointment AMP

3. Display detailed information in a limited space

AMP email allows you to display a wealth of information in a concise layout.  You can share educational materials, newsletters, health tips, updates on medical research, diet recommendations, etc., right within your email.  You can even organize these large volumes of information into dropdown sections and navigation menus (using the amp-accordion component).

Display detailed information - AMP

4. Enable users to schedule medical tests:

Users can select and opt for lab tests and profiles (using the amp-list and amp-selector components) with a list of tests populated. 

The collection agency can allow the users to select and confirm a date and time slot.

The test results can be available for the user to view and download within your AMP emails.

5. Send medical appointment reminders:

You can add a countdown timer (using the amp-time ago component) to remind users of the time left for the doctor’s visit or periodic check-up. AMP emails can display an updated ‘weeks/days/hours to go’ message whenever users open their appointment emails.

6. Disseminate information and promote products:

Pharmaceuticals usually have a great deal of educational and promotional literature to be shared with medical professionals and patients. Product information also keeps changing as per research and development outcomes.

Brands can make it easy for users to choose from a wide variety of products by comparing detailed and up-to-date information (with the amp-carousel component).

AMP carousel-promote products

7. Alert users for medication refill/replenishment:

Several treatments require ongoing medication and supplement administrations for long periods or even perpetuity. 

You can build medicine/supplements refill alert emails with countdown timers (using the amp-list and amp-time ago components). AMP emails can fetch data from the backend and provide personalized and live recommendations within emails.

8. Promote personalized offers:

You can gamify your AMP emails to drive user engagement and conversion. Recipients can play interactive games like ‘spin-the-wheel’ right inside their email and win offers and special deals.

Brands can also create in-mail quizzes (using the amp-bind component) to increase brand awareness, assess users’ knowledge, and give discount coupons.

Gamified Offers inline image

9. Facilitate easy and secure payments:

AMP emails have highly secured payment methods allowing users to make instant payments easily. Users can select their products and proceed directly to check out (using the amp-selector component).


AMP emails can transform communication between patient-doctor-pharmaceuticals and diagnostic laboratories. Communication in healthcare is an untapped area that, if utilized well, can significantly benefit patients and the industry. Besides being a one-stop solution for healthcare messaging, the state-of-the-art features in AMP emails make it hassle-free for users to engage and interact.

Facilitate easy and secure payments

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Written By: Kanika Sreen
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