12 ways to use AMP emails in beauty and personal care marketing to increase conversion
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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12 ways to use AMP emails in beauty and personal care marketing to increase conversion

Published : December 19, 2022

Beauty and personal care products are some of the most purchased in the world. After taking a hit during the pandemic (as did most industries), the industry’s market size is now growing around 4.4% a year and is expected to hit $670.4 billion by 2026.

In their attempts to grab a big share of the market, beauty and personal care brands send out a barrage of digital marketing messages via SMS, WhatsApp, push notifications, website pop-ups, social media, SEM, and others. However, there is one channel that still generates customer interest, engagement, and conversions like no other – email. As a marketing channel, email yields up to $38 ROI for every $1 spent.

Now, can you supercharge such returns? Yes. Power up your emails with AMP.

AMP emails act as a website or an app – right within your customer’s inbox.

You can use AMP emails to showcase products with high-quality images, enable search, present detailed information, allow product comparisons, display ratings and reviews, take orders, collect feedback, share delivery updates, and do much more.

In this article, we outline 12 proven ways in which AMP emails drive engagement and increase conversion in the beauty and personal care industry.

Simplify product searches

Why redirect customers to your site from their email to find what they want? Redirection equals drop-offs: 95% of email users do not click on CTAs. Isn’t it wiser to let users search for products within emails?

Use amp-sidebar to display categories and subcategories of products within an email so that users can scroll and click to select products from different categories. Use amp-selector to incorporate drop-down menus and filters, which make searches easier and faster within AMP emails.

Leverage amp-image-lightbox to enhance product images by highlighting them in the center of the screen. The amp-selector and amp-form components let customers select items, check out, and make payments without leaving their inbox.

Recommend products that matter

Product recommendations that are not thought-through rarely work. The early days of eCommerce often saw some funny instances of product recommendation.  If you purchased a hair dryer, you’d get recommendations to buy the same again in a different color.

Instead, be upfront and ask users what they want. Set up quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires to understand your customers’ desires, personality traits and priorities.  Use the answers to recommend products and services that are 100% relevant and meaningful.

Use amp-form to collect customer preferences right inside AMP emails. Once you have the information and your algorithm provides recommendations, showcase them in emails with amp-img and amp-anim (for high-res images and GIFs). Use amp-carousel to keep the images moving and fit multiple visuals into the limited email body.

Zero-party data collection

Make booking of appointments easy

As explained above, AMP emails allow users to search through your brand’s offerings quickly and easily. But what if users could also make beauty or personal care related appointments from their emails?

For beauty brands, nothing sells like a bit of extra TLC. Encourage users to book appointments in specific salons at a discount (as a reward for their loyalty or maybe as part of a promotional campaign). If you focus on holistic skincare, why not sponsor sessions for a few customers with renowned skin care specialists in their city?

Use amp-form to let users enter one-click inputs in order to book appointments. Add a touch of personalization with amp-mustache, which automatically inserts each recipient’s first name, even in broadcast emails.

To keep users informed of their appointment status (request received, in progress, being verified, confirmed, etc.), use amp-list. This component will pull live data from the backend and update the information in the AMP email whenever users open them.

Appointment AMP

Create FOMO around deals and offers

The best deals aren’t generating much buzz if they are available 24/7. It’s their limited availability that makes them oh-so-tempting. If customers are worried that they’ll miss out on 50% off in the next 3 days, they are almost completely sure to take some action. Leverage the fear of missing out to drive customers.

Use amp-timeago to embed countdown timers within emails. The AMP emails will display live information on the number of days/hours left for a sale to end, or a discount to lose validity.

Make feedback quick and easy

Can you really imagine users reading through an email, clicking on the CTA redirect button, navigating to an external link, and logging in to provide feedback on their experience? Unless they are extreme brand loyalists, the answer is a big NO.

Since nothing helps you improve more than customer feedback, make the process easy for them. Use amp-form to create multi-step forms for surveys, feedback, ratings, NPS, etc. Enable one-click inputs, if possible, and users can submit their feedback right inside their AMP emails.

Deliver instant support via chat

Do not expect users to write detailed emails, call, or fill out forms on your website to get their queries solved. Unless it’s a major problem, they’ll just drop your brand, and pick another that offers more convenient support.

Use the amp-form and amp-list components to create live chatbots that can answer relevant, commonly asked questions within the AMP email. The chatbots can fetch answers from your site’s backend and instantly address queries and offer guidance.

Chat Survey

Display detailed information without cluttering

What if you need to send a set of FAQs to a user who recently signed up? Or, how about sending a 500-word piece on the perks of using retinol after hitting 30?

Such content usually requires a fair bit of text. If they are sent in regular emails, users will simply feel bombarded with blocks of text on their screens (this is worse if they are scrolling on mobile). Be assured that they will not read what you’ve sent.

But once again, AMP to the rescue. Use amp-accordion to stack your content in bite-sized snippets under collapsible headers. Users can click on each section to expand it and display the entire content. AMP email prevents cluttering up the user’s screen and makes for easier reading.

Help customers do some quick math

Customers like getting tangible information. For example, wouldn’t it be nice if they could calculate the ideal BMI for their weight? Or maybe, they just want to check if your 6-month recommendation for a product use matches their monthly budget?

Either way, try offering interactive calculators within emails with amp-list and amp-mustache. A couple of inputs, a click, and users will have the information they desire right at their fingertips. Oh, and they never have to leave the AMP email.

Don’t forget, you can send further recommendations and content based on each user’ calculation. For example, if someone is trying to calculate their BMI, you can send helpful tips on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to get to the ideal weight. Similarly, if your recommendations overshoot their budget, email them a customized list of more economical products they can buy.

Promote demo videos and instant booking

Looking for an effective way to convey your product’s value to your customers? Demo videos can be really persuasive. Remember to present a simple, specific next step to take at the end of the video. It could be a trial download, request for additional information, or even an option to buy.

Present demos of product use, workouts, recipes, and more with GIFs and image galleries in the AMP email to make them more compelling. (Use amp-anim and amp-img components).

Users can then directly book full sessions or classes from within your AMP email. (Use the amp-form component).

Recommend healthy lifestyle changes and cross-sell

Based on a user’s goals and/or purchase patterns, you can send them information that would help them achieve their objectives. For example, if someone has bought vegan eggs or tofu repeatedly, why not send across a few recipes containing those ingredients? Or you can also cross-sell other items required for that recipe (paprika, Cajun spice, vegan stock, pink salt, etc.).

Use amp-carousel to present the recommendations so that users can swipe through images and text. This preserves screen space and makes the layout sleeker. Include amp-selector so that customers can choose items and make payments from within the AMP email.

Prevent cart abandonment through timely reminders

Anyone working in any facet of eCommerce is aware of the looming dread that is cart abandonment. However, you can send textually tailored and visually attractive emails to remind users that items are pending in their cart, and re-engage them to make the final purchase.

Use amp-img and amp-anim to add quirky, fun visuals along with catchy text. You can even add interactive scratch cards (use amp-bind) to offer tempting deals on cart items. Give customers some extra incentive to hit “Pay Now” within AMP email.

Simplify order cancellation, returns, and refunds

The mark of any good brand, in any domain, is its ability to make life easier for customers. This applies to canceling orders, returning items, or initiating refunds.

All of these can be accomplished right inside AMP emails with amp-form. Use in-email forms with single-input options for users to cancel orders, return received orders, and request refunds if they’ve received damaged or unsatisfactory products.

Users will grow to trust your brand for transparency and for prioritizing customer experience even after the sale.

Summing up

AMP emails provide a unique opportunity to showcase, educate, and market beauty and self-care products without redirecting customers to websites or asking them to install apps. The convenience of having the entire shopping experience right inside AMP emails ensures better conversion and higher ROI.

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Written By: Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen
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