10 AMP emails to transform the way home and garden brands engage customers
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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10 AMP emails to transform the way home and garden brands engage customers

Published : December 6, 2022

Emails still remain the most effective channel for home and garden businesses to inform customers about services, products, promotions, and events. With hundreds of emails competing daily for recipients’ attention, what sets apart the winning ones is their content and presentation. Your emails need to be more interactive and dynamic than the rest. 

Studies have shown that only 3% of recipients click the CTA button in emails that redirects them to a webpage.  Here’s where AMP emails come in. AMP emails act as a website or app and allow users to take all actions right within the inbox. The 97% recipients that otherwise would have dropped off can now be engaged inside the AMP emails. 

This interactivity makes it possible to deliver a personalized experience in uniquely attractive ways. AMP emails can also pull live data from the backend and display dynamically updated content every time users open their emails. The same email gets refreshed with new, live data. Sending AMP emails also requires meeting several security requirements. It makes AMP emails much safer and more secure than conventional html emails. 

Here are the 10 best ways the home and garden industry can benefit from AMP emails. Follow them to make your email communication compelling and exclusive, and watch the explosive growth in your user conversion and ROI.

Ask, “What can we help you find today?” Make your customers’ search quick and easy with search boxes, drop-down menus, auto suggestions, and auto completes. Allow them to search across departments, categories, DIY projects and ideas, installations and services, specials and offers, locals and catalogs, and many more right inside your AMP emails. (Use the amp-list, the amp-auto-complete and the amp-selector components.)

Present products better

Showcase each product or service with a series of images in a carousel that users can swipe through. Share detailed information via expandable/collapsible sections of text without using much space. Highlight the shortlisted or chosen product by bringing it to the center and expanding it. (Use the amp-carousel, the amp-accordion and the amp-image-lightbox components.)

Share user ratings/reviews

What other customers say about your products and the recommendations they make greatly influence the purchasing decision. Display star ratings, comments, post-use feedback, customer-uploaded images, and their answers to queries – all within your AMP email. (Use the amp-form and the amp mustache components.)

Survey & Product Review

Highlight offers and events

Make your special announcements on discounts and promotions stand out with animated images, eye-catching layouts, dynamic elements that change based on user actions, and more. Send personalized scratch cards with surprise offers. Encourage user action by showing the time left for a sales or introductory offer event. Do all of these right inside your AMP emails. (Use the amp-anim, the amp-form, the amp-mustache, and the amp-time-ago components.)

Recommend relevant cross-sell/up-sell

Based on historical purchase data or search behavior, send product recommendations your customers are most likely to need or want. Display other products from the same collection or curation. Suggest accessories, attachments, add-ons, accents, upgrades, newer models, and more via images and text in a concise layout with AMP emails. (Use the amp-list and the amp-carousel components.)

Put a spotlight on the top-sellers

People like to go with the trend; attract users by displaying the top-selling products across categories. You can share how many units of a particular product have been sold, placed in the cart, or added to a wishlist by others. You can also display live inventory emphasizing products that would soon run out of stock. The users will see updated information every time they open the same AMP email. (Use the amp-list and the amp-carousel components.)

Add value to your customers’ experience

Share checklists, calculators, project guides, and tips to make your customers’ lives easier. Examples would include checklists for a home inspection, moving, the first apartment, setting up a garden, etc. Or you could offer easy calculators for drywall, painting, tiles, air conditioning, wallpaper, mulch, and seeds.  Share project guides for moving heavy furniture, installing hot tubs, packing pictures and mirrors, and more. You can offer customers all these experiences within your AMP emails. (Use the amp-form and the amp-bind components.)

Enable real-time tracking and updates

Provide customers with shipping options, scheduled delivery, and store pick-ups, and improve their experience beyond expectations. For example, customers can schedule a convenient time for their order delivery and see the delivery status in real-time. If the package is in transit, the AMP email will display an updated arrival schedule every time the customer opens it. (Use the amp-accordion, the amp-list, the amp form, the amp-selector, the amp mustache, the amp-bind, and the amp-time-ago components.)

Send service reminders and alerts

Allow your customers to book the services you offer from the AMP email. Examples include maintenance of AC, water heater, furnace, and others. Send reminders to your customers when their home appliances are up for a check-up. AMP emails can display “time left for the service” when customers open their emails. (Use the amp-accordion, the amp-mustache, the amp-form, the amp-timeago, and the amp-list components.)

Create a big bang for the holiday season

Send personalized greetings, special previews, and food offers in the most interactive manner. Conduct live/online upcycling workshops, conduct sessions on how to declutter the kitchen or rearrange the living space to make room for a large gathering. Give your customers a chance to cook a mouthwatering meal with professional chefs.

Provide customers with the list of such events, classes/courses, and the date and time to allow them to instantly book their slots.

The interactive and dynamic AMP components can bring all of the above user experiences and more into your emails. (Use the amp-list, coupled with amp-form and amp-selector components.)

Summing it up

Dynamic and interactive AMP emails make customer engagement possibilities endless for the home and garden brands. Listed above are a few proven use cases to get you all fired up. Send AMP emails to trigger user interest, lower drop-offs, increase conversions, and enhance ROI. Achieving your email marketing goals just got so much easier with AMP!

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Written By: Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan
Senior Product Specialist