Product Performance for E-commerce

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Visualize complex data and generate actionable insights that matter. In one place get an overview of your web store’s performance without compromising on product-level information.
Product Performance for Ecommerce - Netcore Cloud
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Sales dashboard that comes with actionability! Unmatched catalog visibility for ecommerce brands

One view into product performance analysis

Compiling reports from various tools, dashboards, and teams can be difficult when data exists in silos. This lack of visibility into essential metrics can affect the growth of your online store. Product Performance for e-commerce is the perfect sales dashboard with a comprehensive view of catalog, product, and inventory data in a single place so you can spend maximum time deriving insights from it.
Product Performance Analysis - PZ - Netcore Cloud
Granular Insights - PZ - Netcore Cloud

Granular insights into product performance

Getting an overview of your web store’s performance does not mean you should compromise on getting product-level information. Get insights into sales performance metrics like units sold, orders, revenue, add to carts, cart abandonment, etc. Know top-performing products across categories and identify the least-selling ones with the sales dashboard.

Create affinity segments

Use the dashboard for sales to boost products and categories by creating a segment of users most likely to buy the product. Add a touch of personalization by including or excluding products on the personalized recommendation widgets - all with the sales dashboard.
Create Affinity Segments - PZ - Netcore Cloud
Easy To Understand Format - PZ - Netcore Cloud

Easy-to-understand format

You can generate holistic insights into product performance when data is presented in an easy-to-understand format. Product Performance for e-commerce focuses on usability, ensuring that information is presented most intuitively. The charts are clickable, downloadable, and easy to interpret so you can derive maximum information.

Know what sells

Consider category-level information while making a strategy by knowing sales across website and app. Get the ultimate synergy by combining with Push Notifications- to create business triggers such as Back in Stock, Price Drops, and New Arrivals to notify customers about the products they are interested in.
Know What Sells - PZ - Netcore Cloud

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