Fantasy Gaming
Immersive fantasy gaming. Now a reality!
Delight and retain players through rewarding experiences
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Impact the metrics that matter the most
12-15% Up Arrow Green
Contest registration rate
10-12% Up Arrow Green
ARPU (by improving paid contest participation)
15-20% Up Arrow Green
Engagement rate (by promoting new features)
Activate Faster
Guide new users with walkthroughs on first-time app launches, to highlight upcoming contests, ease of participation, and usage of joining bonus
Engage intelligently
Target players with relevant match recommendations, joining bonuses, or participation results via app push notifications, email, or text messages
Maximize revenues
Let our AI engine, Raman, analyze behavioral data and predict hidden segments that are most likely to play an upcoming match, sport, or tournament
Uplift retention
Use contextual no-code in-app nudges to get users to try new games or contests. This improves app stickiness and retention
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Helping you scale your platform. With ease
Get new users to play a “debut” match
Run A/B tests to identify the best home screen layout for a new user. Also, identify the right joining bonus incentive to get them to play their first game faster. Highlight the most important app sections that have maximum impact on D0 retention, with no-code nudges.
Keep players hooked to your platform
Choose from our vast segmented no-code nudge library to highlight upcoming matches, bumper contests, or how to set up a group or contest. Trigger millions of multi-channel messages in minutes when a new contest is added or 10 minutes before a contest closes.
Understand what makes players stick
Learn exactly WHY players retain or uninstall your app and which engagement campaigns impact retention the most. Gain AI-led predictive insights on player segments that are most likely to churn in the next 30, 60, 90 days. Run real-time campaigns to retain such users.
Build a customer-centric product
Trigger in-app one-click or multi-step surveys to get live user feedback, and use it to nudge happy users to refer their friends and earn bonuses. Target dormant or churned player segments with cash bonus win-back campaigns on email, text messages, Facebook, and Instagram.
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