Reporting and Insights

Step up your product game with
data-driven reporting & analytics

Deep event-based reporting to set, measure, and optimize primary and secondary goals and track the nudge-level impact on every metric.
Analytics built
right into the journeys
Deep event
based reporting
Nudge timeline for
bigger picture analysis
Experiment more
analyze right and optimise

Nudge right. Analyze better

Journeys with
analytics baked in

With journeys that can analyze each event, be assured to measure the exact impact, to act right. Analyze nudges and their impact on metrics that matter, in any complex user journey, with no efforts
Journeys with analytics baked in
Tying each event to metrics that matter!

Tying each event to
metrics that matter!

With event-based reporting, measure the impact of nudges on the primary goal you're optimizing. Let us talk numbers for every crafted experience. This helps you experiment quicker and optimize better

Measure an unlimited number
of secondary goals

Personalized interactions and experiments have up and downstream effects on P1 KPIs. Leave none behind! You can now measure a number of secondary goals and events impacted by the main product intervention, whether it's an interaction, experiment, or rollout
4 measure unlimited no of secondary goals
Result for display Nudges

Click the node,
check the impact

Simply click on any node on the journey map, to check the impact on primary and secondary goals for that user state. Every node in the journey map represents a user state, that is based on user behavior or attributes

Nudge timelines showcase
the larger picture

All nudge changes made within the journey builder are placed within a timeline to visually showcase the before-after impact on key metrics. Understand which nudge, deployed when truly moved the needle
Result for economy class traveller

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