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Help your customers discover products that they love - backed by our AI engine that understands unique behavior, context, & conversion goals.

The Personalization engine built to design
website experiences that your customers will
genuinely enjoy and want to shop with.
You’re getting the best possible data analysis to ensure that you’re not only sending the right content to your customers, but engaging them in ways they would respond to.
Start Delighting Shoppers
at Speed & Scale
Easily integrate our JS snippet on your website or use our plugins on Shopify or Magento with minimal manual involvement from your end. Go-live in 5 days, & start seeing conversion uplifts in just 5 weeks!
Turn scrolls into clicks to increase conversions
Our AI Engine, Raman, analyzes shoppers implicit & explicit behavior & predicts what they're most likely to click on or purchase. Helping them discover the most relevant products faster to increase the chances of purchase.
Build a personalized landing page
Curate a cross-category list of products that each shopper is most likely to buy or view - accessible via a single click on your website! The customers have options to like, dislike, swipe and interact just like Instagram.
Personalize end-to-end shopping experiences
Extend your personalization strategy beyond your website to highlight the most relevant & contextual recommendations across mobile apps, email, app push notifications & in-store. With each interaction with your customer, Raman refines his recommendations in real-time.
Generate more website leads
As a marketer, define rules to personalize any part of your website for each user or segment, be it the banner, background, call-to-action button, text, layout & optimize them for maximum conversion.
Our customers love Personalization
CMOs, Growth Hackers, and PMs at customer-centric companies of every size and industry rely on Netcore.
The Body Shop
BodyShop leftasset
Netcore’s AI-powered Personalization helped us achieve a 13.2% uplift in revenue.
Atul Shivnani
Head of eCommerce and Digital Marketing, The Body Shop
the body shop-small
Netcore’s personalization engine led to an ATC increase of 4%-5% on the existing engine of an industry giant.
Miss Amara Client Testimonial
Jacob Dryer
Digital Marketing Manager, Miss Amara

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