AI-powered Personalization platform to convert shoppers into buyers

AI-powered personalization platform to improve conversion and retention. Personalize end-to-end shopping experiences and help your customers discover products they love.

Website personalization at Speed & Scale

Easily integrate our JS snippet on your website or use our plugins on Shopify or Magento with minimal manual involvement from your end. Go-live in 5 days, & start seeing conversion uplifts in just 5 weeks!

Personalized recommendations increase conversions

Our AI Engine, Raman, analyzes shoppers' implicit and explicit behavior and predicts what they're most likely to click on or purchase. Helping them discover the most relevant products improves the chance of purchase.

Build a personalized landing page

Curate a cross-category list of products that each shopper is most likely to buy or view - accessible via a single click on your website! The customers have an Instagram like interface with options to like, dislike, swipe and interact with.

Personalize end-to-end shopping experiences

Extend your website hyper personalization strategy to highlight the most relevant & contextual recommendations across mobile apps, email, app push notifications & in-store. With each interaction with your customer, Raman refines his recommendations in real-time.

Provide relevant results with
Search Personalization

Display the most relevant results with hyper personalization every time a shopper searches for a product on the search and category pages. Display intelligent suggestions to your shoppers based on their search behavior and your catalog for a seamless shopping experience.

Optimize catalogs with Product Performance for E-commerce

Analyze product performance with a sales dashboard to remove the guesswork and make data-backed decisions for growth. Get granular insights into product performance metrics and take actions in real-time.

Generate more website leads

As a marketer, define rules for website personalization for each user or segment, be it the banner, background, call-to-action button, text or layout and optimize them for maximum conversions.
FAQs on Personalization

What is Personalization?

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Personalization is a way to recommend the right products to the right customers leading to more purchases and, of course, better revenue. The essence of personalization is to use data about your customers to provide them with a shopping experience that is specially tailored to suit their unique tastes and interests. Ecommerce personalization is about creating a rich tailor-made experience for your audience and customers. Read more

What is personalization marketing?

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Personalization marketing is a data-based marketing strategy which involves delivering personalized and contextual content to shoppers. Here are some ways brands can use an ecommerce personalization engine to create personalized experiences for their customers.
1. Personalized product recommendations
2. Contextual web messages
3. Personalized boutique page
4. Push notifications
5. Personalized emails

What is hyper personalization?

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Hyper personalization delivers relevant content to the user by leveraging AI and real-time data. This is a step ahead in personalization that brands can undertake. A simple example would be product recommendation widgets that are further personalized and contextual – bestsellers widget for user A being different for user B based on the propensity to purchase.

Why is personalization important?

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A personalized shopping experience is critical for brands and even more for their customers. The importance of website personalization can be seen in the fact that non-personalized websites are less adept at converting and retaining customers. In fact, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers them personalized experiences.

What is personalization in ecommerce?

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Ecommerce personalization is about creating a rich tailor-made experience for your audience and customers. It’s critical to note that personalization is not limited to one point in marketing and sales. Instead, it is applicable across the various stages of a customer’s journey and interaction with your ecommerce brand. Some ways for ecommerce personalization are:
Product Recommendations
Content Personalization
Channel Personalization
Omni channel Personalization
Search Personalization

Our customers love Personalization

CMOs, Growth Hackers, and PMs at customer-centric companies of every size and industry rely on Netcore.
We were already using a renowned recommendation engine and were getting good conversion rates when we were introduced to Netcore through a co-marketer in Australia. Netcore’s personalization engine helped us further improve the accuracy of the recommendations. Also, we were able to integrate these effectively at more different touch-points in the website. With this, we were able to increase the ATC rates by 4%-5% ON TOP of the existing engine. Would recommend others to try them out!
Jacob Dryer
Digital Marketing Manager
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For Body Shop, it is very critical for us to ensure our customers have a relevant and personalized experience on our online store. To achieve this, we implemented personalized widgets that studied user preferences and shared product recommendations custom to each user. After a 14-day A/B test with Netcore’s proprietary AI-based Personalization, we observed a 13.2% uplift in overall revenue
Atul Shivnani
Head of E-commerce and Digital Mark
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Netcore’s AI-powered personalization and customer engagement solution has helped us showcase relevant products and content to the right customers on the right channels. The product recommendations have helped us increase our conversions and Netcore’s customer engagement platform contributed to 33% of our total revenues.
Dinesh Sharma
Manager - Digital Marketing
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