Business and Financial Services

Business and financial services making investments a habit

Engage, educate, and retain investors on your website and mobile app
Impact the metrics that matter the most
Registration to account opening rate
Account opening to first transaction rate
Investment portfolio amount per user
Onboard Seamlessly
Minimize drop-offs during the KYC process via seamless cross-channel campaigns and call centre outreach based on unique customer journey data
Activate Faster
Handhold first-time app users with walkthroughs on how to explore trading options, monitor portfolio and market movements, or view financial literacy content
Maximize Revenues
Use a multi-channel approach to send daily or weekly personalized portfolio updates, transactional messages, stock price alerts, or investment recommendations to engage investors and thereby maximize revenues.
Uplift Retention
Orchestrate 1:1 cross-device journeys to cross-sell relevant investment products or highlight new platform features
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Turn educated investment into a responsible habit

Get first-time visitors to start investing

Personalize your homepage for new visitors based on their real-time browsing of investment options - stocks, digital gold, or mutual funds. Trigger timely in-app messages or no-code nudges to highlight tools like brokerage calculators to incentivize account-opening in under 5 minutes.

Give investors a reason to come back, repeatedly

Send personalized market alerts, IPO details, research reports, investment recommendations, or financial literacy videos across channels. Maximize your app push notification delivery rates on Android devices with Smart Push. Greater deliverability = greater engagement.

Use analytics and AI to truly understand users

Harness advanced behavioral analytics to identify serious investors - your best customers - and nurture them with a “white glove” approach. Learn WHY investors retain or uninstall your app and act accordingly. Build contextual multi-channel journeys for this very use case.

Build lifelong relationships based on trust

Trigger one-click or multi-step surveys to get real-time investor feedback that can improve the overall trading experience. Revitalize dormant investors with referral campaigns, extended zero brokerage, or first-access to new educational content.
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