The ultimate marketing firepower – the Gamification and AMP email combo
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Jasmine Handa

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The ultimate marketing firepower – the Gamification and AMP email combo

Published : December 30, 2022 | Updated : May 24, 2024

In the realm of marketing, across industries, no other buzzword drives as much hype as ‘gamification’.

Games catch people’s interest, engage them in a targeted activity, and leave behind a strong, positive impression of the brand. Marketing results that are nothing short of heaven-sent in a world with too many digital distractions. 

The hype is not undeserved. Gamification works across businesses, and how!

  • Samsung Nation: 500% increase in customer product reviews and a 66% increase in site visits when using a gamified system.
  • The SAP Community Network re-gamified its reputation system, increasing usage by 400% and community feedback by 96%.
  • Autodesk gamified the free trial, offering in-game and real-world prizes, increasing trial usage by 54%, buy clicks by 15%, and channel revenue by 29%.
  • Lawley Insurance: with a 2-week contest, the company closed more sales than the previous 7 months combined. 
  • Joiz: the Swiss television network increased sharing by 100% and social referral traffic by 54% with social infrastructure and gamification technologies. 
  • AstraZeneca gamified medicine training; got 97% of their extensive network of agents to participate, with a 99% completion rate. 
  • Domino’s Pizza created the gaming app Pizza Hero and increased sales revenue by 30% by letting customers create their own pizza.

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What if you could bring such growth-oriented gamification right inside your marketing emails? 

It would supercharge your email marketing ROI to unprecedented levels. 

As leaders in AMP email, Netcore Cloud has shortlisted eight fascinating games you can integrate into your emails.  Read on to learn more, and reach out to us if you need more info. We have sent more than a billion AMP emails across 200+ highly successful campaigns. So, yes, we do know a thing or two about AMP emails.

Note: Primarily, the amp-bind component lets you place games within AMP emails.

Eight gamification ideas to fire up your AMP emails

Spin the wheel

You know the drill, right? The user opens their AMP email, finds a colorful digital wheel they can ‘spin’ by clicking a button, and it stops spinning to settle on a random reward.

Who wouldn’t love this? The game is low-effort but builds the anticipation of getting a reward they cannot predict. Games of chance engage our attention far more than straightforward gifts, and the user will value the reward a lot more if they’ve ‘won’ it instead of getting it free.

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We’re sure that the popularity of Wordle needs no reaffirmation. You get six chances to predict the correct ‘word of the day’. It is one of the most-played word games in the world.

So, why not bring a similar word game inside your users’ AMP emails?  A new brain teaser each day is sure to get them hooked. AMP lets you do this with ease and you’ll have users looking forward to your next email in no time.

Don’t forget to include a few rewards to keep them interested – e.g., 10% off on the next purchase for any customer who wins 10 word games in a row.


Scratch Cards

Remember lottery scratch cards and how excited everyone got about them? Well, now you can bring scratch cards into your AMP emails.

Use virtual scratch cards to promote sales by offering special deals, discounts, and coupon codes. Once again, they are low-effort, fun, and offer a reward at the end of the activity – the staples of good gamification.


A quick quiz with some easy-but-not-too-easy trivia questions? You’ve got a hit on your hands!

Gently challenge your users’ knowledge of the world with quizzes inside AMP emails. Keep the questions related to your business/brand/special occasion at hand. As always, a small reward at the end will encourage more users to participate. Combine having fun with bagging prizes, and you would have a winning formula.

Slot Machine

Another favorite among games of chance, virtual slot machines almost always succeed in getting users hooked. Give them a virtual lever to pull and showcase a reward they can win (if luck favors them, that is). And voila! Thousands of people will be looking forward to your gamified AMP emails.

You can try alternate versions of the slot machine, such as the “Pick-a-door” game. The philosophy is the same. The user takes action, i.e., picking a door, and they may or may not get a reward based on their luck.

Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love an adventure-driven quest? If you remember your childhood scavenger hunts, you’re sure to recall how much fun they could be—sweating over clues, running around locations to find the next one, and the joyous achievement of finding the prize at the end.

The prize didn’t even have to be something exceptional; even a box of cookies felt like a gold medal back then, didn’t it?

AMP emails enable you to bring such an exhilarating experience into your users’ inboxes. Building a virtual scavenger hunt is quite simple these days. Think up a few simple clues for people to explore and play around with, give them a challenging path with a few obstacles, and a prize to win (an accessory at a reduced price, perhaps?).


Did you know that you can never ever win at Tic-tac-toe unless your opponent commits an error? And there is a proven strategy for not making errors? Guess that’s what makes the game so appealing across age groups.

Bring the all-time favorite game inside your marketing emails and keep the users engaged. Not many can resist playing this simple strategy game that offers loads of fun.

Bring more excitement to the Tic-tac-toe in AMP emails with rewards for those who win it three times in a row.


Nothing beats the thrill of solving a crossword puzzle. You get one clue each to find out what secret word those tiny blank white squares hold. Filling up the entire crossword puzzle is addictive and oddly satisfying. Plus, it makes people feel smarter, doesn’t it?

Now, if you bring the crossword inside AMP emails, you can achieve much more than just keeping users engaged. What if you add clues that reveal words resonating with your brand? Throw in some incentives for each fully-solved puzzle that helps you cross-sell and upsell. You will also be boosting your brand awareness in a very likable manner.

A replay of highlights

Gamification empowers you to make your customer engagement fun and meaningful. It would be nice for people to get a break from the chronically promotional emails that land in their mailbox day after day. And, it would be nicer for marketers to receive eager, non-transactional participation that increases customers’ affinity for the brand.

When combined with AMP emails, gamification results in enjoyable, interactive user experiences; what follows is increased brand awareness, a positive impression, and more favorable responses.

Get the best of two great marketing tools—emails and games—with AMP.

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Written By: Jasmine Handa