App Churn Prediction

Let AI predict your app churn -
the north star metric for retention

Let Raman help you predict the app users most likely to uninstall your app and re-engage with them in real-time
Analyze app user behavior and
identify journey pain points
Get accurate and predictive insights on
user segments most likely to churn
Minimize user acquisition costs by
resuscitating most at-risk users

Arrest app uninstall rates by 10-12% and keep your users engaged!

Gain customized predictions
for your app

Depending on your app category, the frequency at which your users launch the app to access your app varies. Defining this period is critical to predicting app uninstalls accurately. Set up the prediction period relevant to your app – 7/14/28 days - and then allow Raman to use patented ML algorithms to help you predict and manage churn

Benefit from
auto-predicted segments

Raman predicts the users who are "most likely to churn," "moderately likely to churn," and "least likely to churn" in the next 7/14/28 days. You will see an accurate count of users under each of these segments. Raman also predicts how likely are users to churn in each of these segments if there are no remedial actions taken to stop them from uninstalling your app

Craft actionable
re-engagement campaigns

Based on Raman's predictions, identify the segment you want to target. Then, without leaving the dashboard, choose the most relevant channel to re-engage your targeted users – email, SMS, app push notifications, or web push notifications. These AI-led predictions increase in value if you take remedial action through an effective marketing campaign

Track app churn
prediction performance

Track your targeted campaigns' performance on the dashboard using accuracy, churn arrested, and opportunity loss metrics. This accurately shows the number of users you prevented from churning through your targeted campaigns and the number of users who weren't targeted with a contextual re-engagement campaign and didn't use your app

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