Engage with your customers like you know them

Powerful, easy to use intelligent customer engagement platform helping you increase conversion & retention


Efficiently automate the delivery of highly personalized campaigns to distinct customers

Netcore Customer Engagement takes the guesswork out of how to engage with customers with data analysis backed by Machine Learning.

Build a 360-Degree
Understanding of Customers

Create a unified profile by stitching together data-points from every interaction a customer has with your brand across online & offline channels - website, mobile app, & marketing channels

Improve marketing and product strategy with user analytics

Analyze customer behavior at every stage of their conversion journey! Tweak your strategy based on real-time dashboard insights on your revenue, DAU, app stickiness, user flows and any other north star metric.

Orchestrate diverse customer journeys

Automate agile workflows on our visual tool to engage with relevant customer segments by sending personalized campaigns on the right channel, at the right time. Adapt your journeys on-the-fly to meet your conversion goals!

Personalize website experiences in real-time

Delight your customers while scaling lead generation or conversion rates by defining rules that personalize specific elements of your website! Show them the right product, content, offer, image, or CTA to nudge them along their conversion journey

Brands love Netcore's Customer Engagement

Marketing and product leaders at customer-centric brands trust Netcore with customer experience.
Nexxt Client
Nexxt leftasset
The engagement segmentation is by far the most insightful tool. My organization has been focusing on the composite metric of recency+frequency to direct our marketing strategies.
Nexxt client testimonial
Michael Owsiany
Vice President, Strategy & Execution, Nexxt
Nexxt Client
Signup leftasset
We have seen significant results using Netcore's platform, and there has been a good boost with our open and click rates compared to what we have seen with other providers.
SignUp client testimnial
Tara McAdams
Digital Media & Marketing Manager, SignUp.com
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