Predictive Segments

With AI-powered predictive segments,
anticipate user behaviour with real-time data

Keep users on their toes with interactions personalized for them with the help of our AI-engine Raman’s real-time prediction.
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Increase conversions with
hyper-targeted marketing campaigns
Choose from our standard use
cases or predict any custom behavior
Take a preventive approach
with onsite messages

Stop guessing. Create accurate customer segments using real-time data powered by a patented AI engine

Tell Raman your concern

Identify the customers who are most likely to engage with your campaign, purchase in the next seven days, or cross-sell products to customers based on their likelihood to convert. Just tell Raman the unique customer behavior you want to track.
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Craft targeted campaigns

Raman uses real-time as well as historical data to create self-evolving segments of users based on the customer behavior you want to track. You can use these micro-segments to run highly targeted campaigns or show powerful web messages that convert.

Take a preventive approach

Now you need not wait for the customers to bounce-off the website or abandon their cart before arresting churn. Raman buckets your users based on their predicted behavior. Prevent undesired behavior even before it happens with powerful web messages.
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Our customers love predictive customer segments!

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