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Intelligent Insights

Maximize revenue and retention
with AI-led insights

Allow Raman to tell you "what happened?", "why it happened?", and "what to do next?". Let his razor-sharp insights fuel your marketing strategy, boost your ROI, and increase customer retention

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Save time and manual effort -
focus more on marketing decision-making
Take the guesswork out of
your digital and mobile marketing strategy
Respond to insight-driven trends -
effective actions on-the-fly

Harness the power of AI, simplify your lives - make faster and effective data-backed decisions

Let Raman do the
data-crunching and heavy-lifting

Save time, reduce manual effort and leave no scope for human error - as Raman analyzes customer behavioral and campaign performance data points 24*7! When an anomaly - good or bad - is detected, Raman nudges you with timely alerts. Depending on the urgency of the insight – you can then take action on-the-fly.
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Raman tracks the metrics
that matter the most

With Raman by your side, you will now receive insights on the overall revenue trend, the revenue you generated using Netcore, average revenue per paying user, app uninstalls, app launches, and your daily active users. But, you also need to track activities relevant to your business, so...

Tell Raman
what you need insights on

Track custom activities or funnel conversion events that are relevant to your business. Based on your business goals, let Raman know what you need insights on and for what duration! Custom metrics + timely insights = Achieving your business goals!
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Understand the “why”
behind every insight

You should be able to trust an AI engine that helps you take better decisions faster. Trust comes with transparency and Raman isn’t a black box. Raman provides reasons, explanations, and data-backed reasoning behind each timely insight he brings to your notice

Act on what Raman prescribes next

Raman also recommends the next best course of action – to take corrective actions, amplify a positive trend, or optimize campaign titles to increase customer engagement, and much more. Don’t stop there - check your adoption scorecard to leverage all of Raman’s relevant AI-led capabilities!
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Our customers love our intelligent insights!

CMOs, Growth Hacker, and PMs at customer-centric companies of every size and industry rely on Netcore.
Nexxt Client
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The engagement segmentation is by far the most insightful tool. My organization has been focusing on the composite metric of recency+frequency to direct our marketing strategies.
Nexxt client testimonial
Michael Owsiany
Vice President, Strategy & Execution, Nexxt
Nexxt Client
Signup leftasset
We have seen significant results using Netcore's platform, and there has been a good boost with our open and click rates compared to what we have seen with other providers.
SignUp client testimnial
Tara McAdams
Digital Media & Marketing Manager, SignUp.com
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