Drive personalized engagement through human-like AI - designed for marketers

Get intelligent game-changing insights from Raman that propels conversions and revenue

Deep-Dive Intelligence = Better Marketing Decisions

Raman analyzes your customer & campaign performance data 24*7 to help you easily understand "what is happening?", "why is it happening?", & "what to do next?"

Don't sweat over app user retention

Leave it to Raman as he predicts user segments that are most likely to uninstall your app. Craft & deploy re-engagement campaigns on-the-fly to arrest & manage this churn!

Engage intelligently with AI-optimized multi-channel campaigns

Raman enables you to uplift marketing ROI by helping you deliver the right message to the right customer on the right channel, at the right time!

Uncover hidden segments to engage with

Raman analyzes behavioral data & trends to predict which customer segments are most likely to perform a specific activity like purchase in the next 30 days

Deliver personalized recommendations that delight customers

Help each customer discover & purchase only the most relevant products at every stage of their buying journey, across digital touchpoints

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