Miss Amara

Netcore's personalized product recommendations helped Miss Amara to increase add-to-cart rate by 4.2% and corresponding revenues by 5%

Our success story with Miss Amara
4.2% Increase
Increase in Add-to-Cart Rate compared to existing recommendation engine during A/B testing
5% Increase
Increase in Add-to-Cart Revenues compared to existing recommendation engine during A/B testing
13.2% Increase
Increase in Add-to-Cart Rate post A/B testing
Netcore's contribution to total purchases

Company: Miss Amara is an online store for floor rugs & carpets in a range of colors & styles.

Website: https://missamara.com/

Industry: Ecommerce

Location: India

Category: Personalization

Solution Used: Personalization, AI Engine- Raman


Miss Amara was already using a leading state-of-the-art product recommendation engine that was delivering good conversion rates. Netcore took up the challenge to further increase conversion rates on their website, compared to the industry giant that they were already working with.

Netcore’s Strategy:

Netcore’s AI-led personalized product recommendation strategy helped Miss Amara by:

    • Deployment of AI engine, Raman and Neural Networks: To understand customers in real-time and show them personalized recommendations based on what they are most likely to purchase
    • AI-led personalized widgets: Deployed across different stages of the customer journey on the website; i.e. Home Page, Product Listing Page, and Product Display Page
    • De-duplicate products across the website: To ensure that the same product wouldn’t be displayed multiple times on a webpage


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