Use amp-layout to make your emails display the way they were intended to–across devices
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Use amp-layout to make your emails display the way they were intended to–across devices

Published : October 31, 2022

How can you predict what device users will choose to read your email? Users have multiple options, each with varying display dimensions and features.

In such a scenario, it’s a real challenge to ensure the email displays ideally on each and every screen. The best designed emails can become ineffective if they don’t display exactly how they were intended to.

Is there a solution to this challenge? Use amp-layout, an AMP component for emails, to create responsive displays in emails. The component quickly resizes the AMP email view to suit any aspect ratio. 

Let us learn about this exciting component that delivers a consistent viewing experience across non-uniform devices.

1. What are the benefits of the amp-layout component?

amp-layout helps you create flexible layouts that adjust to the user’s device screen. You can deliver the same content across devices without worrying about the content getting fragmented. Here are some proven advantages of using amp-layout in AMP emails.

1.1. Create mobile-friendly content

Use amp-layout to create content that fits perfectly on the smaller screens of mobile phones. There is no information trimming. Users can access the entire content exactly as you designed it to appear. You can optimize your outreach experience by making content easily consumable across devices.

1.2. Adjust display layout

Fine-tune the responsiveness of elements in email by choosing different layout types for amp-layout. For example, you can use the container layout for horizontal display on laptops, PCs, etc., and vertical display on mobiles and tabs without missing anything.

1.3. Offer attractive presentations

amp-layout lets your content stay true to the design as it resizes based on the screen’s aspect ratio. The users can easily view well-fitting images, carousels, and GIFs, among other elements. You can use amp-layout for the majority of other AMP components for email.

2. How to use the amp-layout component?

amp-layout is a generic, multi-purpose container element that brings as many as eight different layout possibilities to any element within emails.

With the amp-layout component, you can apply aspect-ratio-based responsive layouts to any element. The component works similar to the layout attribute on existing AMP components but supports any HTML markup as children. 

The supported layouts with amp-layout are:



With a fill layout, the element takes the space available —both width and height. In other words, the layout and size of a fill element match its parent.
With a fixed layout, the element retains its fixed dimensions based on the element’s width and height attributes (no responsiveness).
With a fixed-height layout, the element takes the space available but keeps the height unchanged. This layout works well for elements that need to position content horizontally (e.g., amp-carousel).
With a flex-item layout, the element and other elements in its parent will take the available space based on the flexbox model.
With an intrinsic layout, the element takes the space available and resizes its height automatically to the aspect ratio given by the width and height attributes until it reaches the element’s natural size or a CSS constraint.
With a nodisplay layout, the element isn’t displayed. The element takes up zero space on the screen as if its display style was none.
With a responsive layout, the element takes the space available and resizes its height automatically to the aspect ratio specified by the element’s width and height attributes.
With a container layout, the element lets its children define its size, much like a standard HTML div tag. The element is assumed not to have a specific layout but only acts as a container.

If you wish to learn more about the amp-layout component for email, visit

3. Variations of the amp-layout component

The amp-layout component includes common attributes extended to many AMP components. Let us discuss how these work to make your emails more responsive.

3.1. Define the width and height

Depending on the value of the layout attribute, AMP component elements must have a width and height attribute that contains an integer pixel value. The layout attribute determines the actual layout behavior.

3.2. Style the elements

Use the ‘media attribute’ to style the elements in your email. The value of the ‘media’ attribute is a media query. If the query does not match, the element will not render. Consequently, its resources and potentially child resources will not be fetched. If the browser window changes size or orientation, the media queries are re-evaluated, and elements are hidden or shown based on the new results.

3.3. Set the correct size

Use the ‘sizes’ attribute to set the element’s size. All AMP elements that support the responsive layout also support the ‘sizes’ attribute. The value of the AMP ‘sizes’ attribute is a size expression that selects the defined size corresponding to the media query based on the current window size. It also sets an inline style for width on the element.

amp-layout is frequently combined with the amp-img and amp-carousel components to make the emails even more effective.

4. How can Netcore Cloud help you?

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