Make emails easily readable across devices using amp-fit-text
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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Make emails easily readable across devices using amp-fit-text

Published : October 19, 2022 | Updated : May 23, 2024

Text that is too small to read is a very real, very challenging problem in emails. Too large a type size is also a put-off. Very often it’s the device that gives the impression of the text being small or big. A 15-point headline that seems normal on a laptop would look uncomfortably oversized on a mobile phone. 

So, what is the best way to create a comfortable email reading experience?

amp-fit-text, an AMP component, is the solution. It perfectly manages the fit of the email content within the given screen space.

Let us take a look at the amp-fit-text component that makes your content responsive and easily readable in emails.

1. What are the benefits of the amp-fit-text component?

amp-fit-text allows you to expand or shrink the font size of the text to fit the content in a limited space. It is particularly helpful in displaying content on smaller screens. Here are some advantages of using amp-fit-text in emails.

1.1. Optimizes content placement

Users can lose track of the key message when text overflows and gets trimmed to fit a designated space. You can increase the responsiveness of the text per screen size with amp-fit-text. This AMP component ensures that the content works well within the parent container by reducing or increasing the font size in proportion to the screen area.

1.2. Offers a smooth user experience

The best way to engage an audience is by simplifying the user experience. amp-fit-text makes the best use of the available space to deliver visually appealing content. Be it long blog posts or several snippets of news events, amp-fit-text wraps the text to fit within the email body, making content easier to consume.

1.3. Generates user interest

Uniform message delivery across devices is a great way to encourage returning customers. Leverage the amp-fit-text component’s flexibility to give users a convenient content experience across devices. Consistency builds trust that translates into better engagement.

2. How to use the amp-fit-text component

The amp-fit-text component enables  you to manage the size and fit of text within a specified area.

Required Scripts: <script async custom-element=”amp-fit-text” src=””></script>

The expected content for amp-fit-text is text or other inline content, but it can also contain non-inline content. For content placed within  an amp-fit-text element, the amp-fit-text component finds the best font size to fit all of the content within the available space. 

If the content of the amp-fit-text overflows the available space, even with a min-font-size specified, the overflowing content is cut off and hidden. WebKit and Blink-based browsers show ellipsis for overflowing content.

While overflowing content appears truncated to fit the container, note that it is still in the document. Do not rely on the overflow behavior to stuff large amounts of content on your pages. While it may look appropriate visually, it may lead to the page becoming overly verbose to users of assistive technologies (such as screen readers). For these users, all the truncated content will still be read/announced in full.

With amp-fit-text, the text scales responsively in the ratio defined by the responsive layout but does not exceed the size of its parent. Besides, you can style the amp-fit-text with standard CSS. In particular, you can use text-align, font-weight, color and many other CSS properties, except font size.

If you wish to learn more about the amp-fit-text component for email, visit

3. Variations of the amp-fit-text component

Adjust the responsiveness of text size in emails using the attributes of the amp-fit-text component.

3.1. Set minimum font size

The min-font-size attribute specifies the minimum font size in pixels as an integer that the amp-fit-text can use. The content cannot shrink beyond this size. Take care not to set it at an unreadable size.

3.2. Set maximum font size

The max-font-size attribute specifies the maximum font size in pixels as an integer that the amp-fit-text can use. The content cannot expand beyond this size. Make sure you set it at a reasonable size to avoid excessive scrolling.

amp-fit-text is frequently combined with the amp-list and amp-sidebar components to make the emails even more effective.

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Written By: Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen
Assistant Manager - Content Strategist