Put the key message of your emails in the spotlight using the amp-lightbox!
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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Put the key message of your emails in the spotlight using the amp-lightbox!

Published : October 7, 2022

Be it a photography composition or a stage performance, the use of a spotlight dramatically enhances the object or character. Without the spotlight the visual experience could be monotonous and uninspiring.

Your email messages can also be enhanced in a similar manner;  because users are not likely to focus on your primary message unless you point it out to them.

The amp-lightbox, an AMP component, equips you to direct  attention to specific sections or elements of your emails.

Let’s explore how the amp-lightbox can make your emails more noticeable to users.

1. What are the benefits of the amp-lightbox component?

The feature enables you to show elements like text, buttons, images etc. with a pop-up effect. On tapping an element users get a bigger and better view as it comes to the center of the screen, with the background developing a darker shade. Here are  a few rewarding ways of using the amp-lightbox in your emails.

1.1. Make messages stand out

You can make it easier for users to focus on your intended message. For example, by using a lightbox you can highlight a message box for a form submission confirmation. Other elements you can display similarly include submission buttons, discount reveal boxes, surprise offers and more.

1.2. Create an app-like experience

Mobile applications have built-in capabilities that let you zoom in on different elements by enlarging them to your screen size. The amp-lightbox lets you do the same within emails using a pop-up effect. It amplifies the element by bringing it to the center and enhancing the user’s visual experience.

1.3. Boost in-email interactivity

The lightbox effect makes your emails more attractive and encourages clicks from users. You can also deploy the amp-lightbox component for a feedback system to keep users informed with pop-up alerts like ‘payment successful’, ‘credit balance’  etc.

2. How to use the amp-lightbox component

The amp-lightbox component allows for a ‘lightbox’ or similar experience where, upon user interaction, a component expands to fill the viewport until it is closed again by the user.

Required Scripts: <script async custom-element=”amp-lightbox” src=”https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0/amp-lightbox-0.1.js”></script>

The amp-lightbox displays elements in a full-viewport ‘lightbox’ modal. When the user taps or clicks an element (e.g., a button), the amp-lightbox ID referenced in the clicked element’s ‘on’ attribute triggers the lightbox to take up the full viewport and displays the child elements of the amp-lightbox.

The action ‘open’ opens the lightbox, and ‘close’ closes the lightbox. Pressing the escape key on the keyboard or setting focus on an element outside the lightbox closes the lightbox. Alternatively, setting the ‘on’ attribute on one or more elements within the lightbox and setting its method to ‘close’ closes the lightbox when the element is tapped or clicked. Once closed, the focus will return to the trigger element.

For accessibility reasons, if the user does not provide a focus in the lightbox on ‘open’ (using autofocus attribute or forcing focus on ‘open’), the focus will overlay on the first element using on:tap. Otherwise, a close button, only visible to screen readers optionally using the data-close-button-aria-label attribute value, will be created and focused on.

You can style the amp-lightbox with standard CSS.

If you wish to learn more, visit amp.dev.

3. Variations of the amp-lightbox component

Use the amp-lightbox component’s attributes to amplify the lightbox effect in your emails.

3.1. Animate the transition

The animate-in attribute defines the style of animation for opening the lightbox. Fade-in transition is the default setting. Other valid values for a lightbox transition are fly-in-bottom and fly-in-top.

3.2. Put settings in order

Use the following two attributes to complete the setup of amp-lightbox in your emails:

  • The id attribute to add a unique identifier for the lightbox
  • The layout attribute to set the display: it must be set to nodisplay.
  • amp-lightbox is frequently combined with the amp-layout and amp-bind components to make emails even more effective.

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