Create outstanding visual attractions in emails using amp-anim
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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Create outstanding visual attractions in emails using amp-anim

Published : August 27, 2022 | Updated : May 23, 2024

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture should definitely be worth ten times as much. Now imagine how you can take a good creative idea and make it great with animated images that compel the viewer to pay attention.

The amp-anim component lets you do precisely that in AMP emails. Let’s explore how you can make your email outreach fun and memorable.

1. What are the benefits of the amp-anim component?

amp-anim allows you to add animated images like GIFs and WebP image formats to your emails. You can use GIF galleries to showcase new launches, product features, sale announcers, newsletters, and recommendations, making emails livelier. Here are some ways you can use amp-anim in AMP emails.

1.1. Create lively emails

Moving pictures in emails make the visual more appealing. You can include revolving views of items that make your emails come to life. Some interesting applications could be: displaying product galleries, 360-degree apartment views, time-sensitive deals, etc.


1.2. Add relatable content

Using data on browsing behavior and user interests, you can create GIFs with elements of their liking. For example, you can add animations of dogs, cars, beaches, fruits, vaccinations, etc., to better connect with the audience.

1.3. Offer quickly digestible content

An image in action can convey much more than plain text. Deliver the core message via GIFs to get the desired results from your marketing campaigns. Add announcements and offers using amp-anim to reach your audience most effectively.

1.4. Get users hooked on emails

Vibrant and animated images are interesting to look at. To make emails more interactive, you can create a series of emails with GIF galleries, including offers, deals, tasks, etc. Once hooked, the customers interact more with your emails, giving you more conversions.


2. How to use the amp-anim component?

amp-anim manages an animated image, typically a GIF.

Required Scripts: <script async custom-element=”amp-anim” src=””></script>

The amp-anim component displays a GIF animation with optimized CPU management. It requires you to load animation files via HTTPS.

The component lets the AMP framework reduce the resources it spends on the animation when it’s off-screen. Otherwise, the behavior of amp-anim is identical to amp-img. You can implement a placeholder element to optimize amp-anim further.

You can use amp-img as a placeholder when loading of src file takes time. Add the placeholder attribute to the nested amp-img in this case.

You can directly style amp-anim with CSS properties.

If you wish to learn more about the amp-anim component for email, visit

3. Variations of the amp-anim component

You can use the component’s attributes to put all technical requirements in order and create a specific use case.

3.1. Specify the URL

Use the ‘src’ attribute to specify the URL for a GIF image.

The Src must point to an absolute HTTPS URL in an AMP email. The use of amp-anim in email doesn’t allow the following attributes:

  • srcset
  • object-fit
  • object-position

3.2. Add alternate text

The ‘alt’ attribute provides an alternate text string for accessibility purposes. It operates the same as the alt attribute on the img tag. It provides alternative information for an image if a user cannot view it for reasons like:

  • a slow connection
  • an error in the src attribute
  • if the user uses a screen reader

3.3. Attribute image source

The ‘attribution’ attribute indicates the source of the image. For example, attribution=”CC courtesy of Cats on Flicker.” It helps you use third-party image files in emails without violating the owner’s rights.

amp-anim is frequently combined with the amp-img and amp-carousel components to make the emails even more effective.

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Written By: Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen
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